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We’re so close!

It’s just a few days away, this Friday, when Netflix releases their next big Marvel series, Jessica Jones, starring Krysten Ritter as the titular character.

The villain that she’ll be up against is Kilgrave, Purple Man in the comics, and played by the wonderfully talented David Tennant.

The Guardian Newspaper has a new interview with Tennant that features some great new footage, including a couple extended clips that perfectly show off just how powerful and how menacing his character, the villain Kilgrave, actually is.


In the first clip, we see David Tennant’s villain crashing a family’s loft apartment, being particularly rude to their little boy before then demanding dinner from them, with which they very happily oblige him. It’s a terrifying look at just how invasive, abusive and violating his powers really are. The second clip sees Kilgrave at some underground poker game with some big name mobsters who he convinces to go “all in” and then “fold.”

In the interview itself, Tennant admits it was “the marvel connection” that made his ears perk up as a “comics reader all my life.” He then goes on to say, “all the movies and TV shows I’d wished existed as a kid” were now here and he wanted to be a part of it.

Tennant then goes on to explain what Kilgrave’s power is, saying, “He’s got this extraordinary ability that whatever he tells people to do, they are compelled to do.”


However, it doesn’t stop there for Tennant because, what does that sort of power actually do to someone. As Tennant says, “Initially, it sounds like a very straightforward fantasy concept, but as you start to unpack it, it becomes quite complex, morally, how do you cope with that? How can you tell if people are doing things because they want to or because you’re asking them to? How can you have any sense of what the world is and how the world should be if your world is so particularly unique to you?”

In the same way that Netflix made audiences care for Wilson Fisk in Daredevil by making him an awkward lover and the adult version of an exceptionally abused child, it sounds like this could be where Netflix and the creators make you care about Tennant’s character.

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