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In an interview with Digital Spy, David Tennant talked about his role as Kilgrave in Netflix’s upcoming Marvel series, Jessica Jones.

First of all, he admits that he’d never heard of Jessica Jones when he was given the job. As he says, 
“I thought I was quite a Marvel afficiando when this job came in and I realized I’d never heard of Jessica Jones.”

He admits that it was quite a niche comic book, though he doubts that’ll be the case now, then he goes on to give his opinion on the character and the story, saying, “Why have I missed this? It’s sensational writing. Brilliantly put together. Just a clever idea that the story starts where Jessica Jones has already given up being a superhero.”

And, apparently, he had a similar reaction to a lot of us old school Marvel fans when he first read it, wondering if there was a “layer of continuity” that he’d missed, “Was there a whole fifty issues of The Avengers with Jewel in them that I didn’t realize.”


Tennant is then asked about not being purple and if he was happy about that. He admits that he was a bit worried about it as there was about a day where they didn’t get back to him on that question after he’d been brought into the project. As he says it, “For about 24-hours I was thinking, ‘am I going to be painted purple everyday?’” and then, apparently, Jeph Loeb and Executive Producer Melissa Rosenberg said that “wasn’t their intention.”

So the Kilgrave we’re getting in the Netflix series is a more streamlined villain, not quite as fantastic as having purple skin.

Tennant goes on to explain why taking away this primary look of the character in the comics, known as the Purple Man, saying …

“I think it’s the right decision. Certain things work beautifully in a comic book that don’t really translate to live action. It was an inevitable decision. Especially the world of Jessica Jones is quite a kind of gritty, real life type of thing. There’s no spandex suits. and this iteration of him is a bit more, you wouldn’t notice him walking down the street.”

There you have it! Apparently, the only Purple Man we’ll be getting here is the one that’s lit with a lot of purple lights! Which is not necessarily a bad thing.

Digital Spy


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