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Holy Crow you guys.

If you felt a shudder roll through the earth just now or heard that collective clap of a 100,000 people’s heads imploding, that’s because Marvel.com has just announced that THE David Tennant, famous for his iconic turn as The Doctor in BBC’s Doctor Who, has just been cast in a Marvel project.


He will has been cast in the role of “Kilgrave” for the Krysten Ritter starring A.K.A. Jessica JonesThe site goes on to describe him as “An enigmatic figure from Jessica’s past. Kilgrave’s reappearance will send shockwaves through the former super hero’s world.”

If you’re a fan of the series than you’re screaming at the screen right now that David Tennant will be playing none other than Zebediah Killgrave, more commonly known as “The Purple Man” and he is an evil evil bastard of a villain. There’s nothing good about this guy, nothing redeeming like with Magneto or Doctor Doom. He’s really not even a villain — that word is actually too good for him. Zebediah Killgrave, all in all, is just pure scum, a walking-talking sewer of a human being who only wants to pursue his basest and worse desires with absolutely no consideration for anyone.


Even worse than that is his super power: through psycho-active chemicals found in the top layers of his epidermis (which gives him his purple color) he can utterly and completely sap the will of any individual and make them do for him whatever he wants, turning mother against father, brother against brother or hero against hero. Worse than that, since it’s airborne, he’s been known to completely control the minds of crowds of hundreds– as long as he is present in the area, they have to do whatever he says. Not only that, they don’t obey him like zombies, they actually do what he says with passion, like they actually want to do what he suggests.

In the Jessica Jones story, Alias, written by Brian Michael Bendis, Jessica Jones starts off as a superhero named Jewel, until she runs in to Purple Man who completely keeps her under his control for a period of months, eventually sending her out to kill Daredevil. I won’t say anymore about it for the sake of spoilers, but it gets even worse from there.


So having a talented actor like David Tennant given such a juicy evil role is exciting. Executive Producer, Melissa Rosenberg, said of him that he will “make Kilgrave a truly original villain.” Honestly, there is no role out there that is AS opposite of his role in Doctor Who than this; he’s going from loving, caring, self-sacrificing hero to hateful, selfish, screw-everyone-but-me scumbag.


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