~Matt Key


Out of The Hollywood Reporter, apparently, David S. Goyer, one of the architects of WB’s current DC franchise, is developing a new television series for SyFy that would follow Kal-El’s grandfather, Jor-El’s father, on the planet of Krypton, years before it’s destruction obviously.

No word yet on what other characters will be in the show, but it can be assumed we’ll see a younger Jor-el, a young version of his future wife, Lara and maybe even villains like General Zod (before attaining that rank) and Brainiac. Maybe we’ll even get to visit Kandor before Brainiac steals it and puts it in a bottle…

With the Supergirl show in development over at CBS, it’ll be interesting to see if they find a way to bring these two together for an epic cross-over.

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