For those of you massively behind on Star Wars Rebels, run for it! Since the episode “A World Between Worlds” aired last week, the fandom has blown up in debate over a particular event that unfolded. Namely, Ezra grabbed Ahsoka through a portal and saved her from her death at the hands of Darth Vader. Because of this, time travel has been thrown into the Star Wars formula. But not quite, according to the Rebels creator.

In an interview with CinemaBlend, creator and executive producer of the show, Dave Filoni, sat down and answered some burning questions about what happened. One thing that was addressed was if this would become a new “trope” of Star Wars. Filoni explained just how the event worked in his mind.

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I mean, because this is important for this particular story, and I think we’d have to be very careful about how it would be used otherwise. It’s why we destroy the temple in the episode. It’s mainly a place that people would go to see the future and the past. It’s not such an active place and Ahsoka, for her part when she’s pulled out of that moment, is placed back in that same timeline and not very long after she left it. So again, she’s smart enough to know that she cannot go back with Ezra, so there is not this big time travel thing. She knows she has to remain a part of her world and her timeline.

But when asked about whether this would introduce time traveling into the mix, Filoni had a different opinion.

I don’t really think of it as time travel. It’s not really a thing where you go through one door and out another in a different time. The world between worlds is really about knowledge and gaining knowledge. As the Dume wolf says, what’s in there is knowledge and destruction. You can gain knowledge of the future or futures that may happen, and you can see things that happened in the past. You can at times choose to alter them, but it’s perilous to do so and when you alter something you don’t know if that’s not the way it always happened. So destruction is the other half of what’s in there. When you go through these doorways, you’re in peril of destruction because you’re missing all sorts of things that would have happened or things would’ve happened otherwise, you know, so it’s a dangerous game but it’s not something we’re here going in and out of different doors. It’s an extension of the Jedi’s ability to perceive the future and the past, as described in Empire Strikes Back.


It’s interesting to hear the Filoni doesn’t think of it as time travel. While I’m in the camp of not introducing time travel to the galaxy, his explanations makes sense. For his story, that element was introduced and then wrapped up nicely. This does open up the door for others to incorporate it into their own stories but we’ll have to see how it plays out. 

What do you think of Filoni’s words? What’s been your favorite part of Rebels? Let us know! Star Wars Rebels finale airs tonight at 8:30pm EST. 


Erin Lynch