Dark Horse took to Twitter today to share some exciting news for the Critical Role community! They will be releasing an origin graphic novel for each member of the Mighty Nein. They announced that the first two will be Jester Lavore (Laura Bailey) and Caleb Widogast (Liam O’Brien). Each graphic novel will give readers a closer look at the back stories that we have learned about throughout their adventure.

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Each Critical Role teammate will be working closely with Dark Horse to help bring us the most canon story we can get. While we do get small glimpses into the characters’ back stories, it is never enough. It is exciting to finally get a chance to explore even further into the Mighty Nein’s past. The first graphic novel, which will cover Jester Lavore, is set to release in June 2021. Caleb’s graphic novel will release later on in July 2021.

Author Sam Maggs and artist Hunter Severn Bonyun worked alongside Bailey and Matt Mercer for the Jester novel, while author Jody Houser and artist Selina Espiritu worked alongside Mercer and O’Brien for the Caleb novel. More details can be found on the Dark Horse website here and here. Keep an eye out for future Critical Role announcements and look out for whose back story we are going to see next! Check out the cover art below and let us know on social media how excited you are!


Cover art for Jester's graphic novel from Critical Role.

Cover art for Caleb's graphic novel from Critical Role.



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