Damien Chazelle (La La Land) is making a moon mission film around astronaut Neil Armstrong, and he’s just locked down his Jim Lovell.  Pablo Schreiber will play the famous Apollo 13 commander in First Man.  And, he’s got big shoes to fill. 

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Schreiber will play opposite Ryan Goslings Neil Armstrong and Corey Stolls Buzz Aldrin.  Deadline reported the news Monday.  After his harrowing trips around the moon, astronaut Jim Lovell was made famous again when Tom Hanks played him in the  Apollo 13 film.  

Schreiber, who we know mostly from his aggressive character roles on American Gods and Orange is the New Black, will now play a pretty straight up and down American hero.  It’s a cool turn for the actor, but it’s probably inevitable that he’ll be compared to Hanks.  It’ll be interesting to see what is consistent in the portrayal of Lovell, as he’s a real person.  How different can your Jim Lovells be if you’re doing your job, right? 

First Man is set to open in theaters, October 12, 2018. 

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