Disney released a new poster for the live-action Lady and the Tramp series via the Disney Twitter account. The poster features one of the most iconic scenes from the movie, complete with spaghetti.  

This is the latest live-action adaptation of a classic Disney movie, but the first for the new streaming service. The original animated film released  in 1955 about a young pup, Lady lost on the streets and falls in love with a street dog named Tramp.  Justin Theroux, voices Tramp and Lady will be voiced by Tessa Thompson.

The film will also features the voice cast of Janelle Monae, Benedict Wong, Ashley Jensen, and Sam Elliot. The human cast includes Thomas Mann, Kiersey Clemons, Arturo Castro, Ardian Martinez, and Yvette Nicole Brown.  

I love this scene of the movie.  The spaghetti scene is referred to in many films and television shows, so you’ve definitely seen it.  It’s just cute how Lady blushes after their lips touch. Yes, I’m squealing with delight!

The Disney+ will start streaming on November 12.  We will learn more about what to expect when the service is available. For now, check out the synopsis and poster below.

“Lady and the Tramp is set to tell the story of “an upper-middle-class American cocker spaniel named Lady (Tessa Thompson) who meets a street smart, downtown stray mongrel called the Tramp (Justin Theroux), and the two embark on many romantic adventures including that iconic spaghetti smooch scene.”

Lady and the Tramp debuts on Disney+ on November 12.

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Disney's Lady and the Tramp Poster

Image Source: Disney





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