The fun isn’t stopping for Star Wars fans. Debuting soon after the behind the scenes video, we received minimal yet intriguing posters featuring 6 of our beloved characters. Only Rey, Luke, Leia, Finn, Kylo and Poe get a poster here for The Last Jedi. And red seems to fit them all really well.

The debut of the posters occurred not just on social media, but from some of the stars themselves. Daisy Ridley posted Rey’s poster on Facebook captioning it “Little Rey’d Riding Hood”. While John Boyega said “It’s that time of year again”. It certainly is!

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The posters feature our characters, showing the lower portion of their face with most of their body in view. Each of their outfits are covered in red – which may tie in to the logo being red or just because red is a cool color. It gives us a great look at their outfits of course, but one thing really sticks out. Both Rey and Luke are holding the Skywalker lightsaber in their photos. Why? Will Luke also be wielding the lightsaber at some point? It opens up some questions. Questions – that unfortunately, we cannot answer until the film comes out.

Check out the posters below and let us know what you think. My personal favorite is Leia’s – because she’s forever our General and always royalty. The Last Jedi soars into theaters December 15th.

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