D23 just gave us Star Wars fans a pretty nice gift. While we had 0 word on the troubled Han Solo spinoff film, the focus turned completely to that of the upcoming saga film. While we didn’t get another teaser or anything, we did get a behind the scenes look at the film, which can be argued is just as magical as the trailers.

There’s a LOT to digest in this behind the scenes reel but there’s a few standout moments that we should talk about. First off – the creatures! My lord, there’s so many new creatures, I want to burst. One of the most adorable Star Wars creatures to exist looks to be living on Ahch-To. The almost penguin/seal looking beings. I want to squish them already. And the fox looking like it’s made of crystals?! Of course they’re all nameless at the moment but my god I want to know more about them immediately!

I am immediately in love

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We also got pseudo plot points – such as Rose and Finn infiltrating The First Order, in uniform and all. Rey and Finn possibly reuniting on a snow planet. Benicio del Toro‘s character DJ in the company of The Resistance, right by BB-8. Kylo Ren in battle with staff wielders. The First Order using Nazi inspired long cars. Finn being imprisoned? A fantastic look at Canto Bight. A glimpse at Snokes thrones room? Poe on yet another mission and sliding out of trouble, possibly on Crait. There’s a lot going on, folks.

“That’s a wrap!” At least we know the film crew aren’t afraid of self-referential jokes. Now as fans, we want to tear every single morsel to pieces. But check out the video below for yourself and let us know what you think! The Last Jedi is in theaters December 15th aka not soon enough.

Erin Lynch