The team over at CD Projekt Red has returned to break some upsetting news surrounding Cyberpunk 2077 today on their Twitter. After initial pushing the release date back from April to September, they have pushed it back again until November. They shared that they stand by their stance on not shipping a game until it is 100% ready. And we think that is something we all can stand by.

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Cyberpunk 2077 is finished in the sense of both content and gameplay-wise. However, the team needs more time to balance the many complex systems. Adjustments can lead to new bugs that need time to investigate and smooth over. It is better that these bugs be found now rather than after release. CD Projekt Red has given review copies to the press in order to get additional feedback as well.

CD Projekt Red’s official Cyberpunk 2077 summary: In the most dangerous megacity of the future, the real you is not enough. Become V, a cyber-enhanced mercenary outlaw going after a one-of-a-kind implant — the key to immortality. Customize your cyberware and skillset, and explore a vast city of the future obsessed with power, glamour and body modification. The choices you make will determine the story and shape the world around you.

Cyberpunk 2077 is now set to release on November 19, 2020 for Playstation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and PC through Steam.



Julia Roth
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