Happy Crossover week everyone!  That’s Right! The CW crossover event, Elseworlds begins tonight.  And as much as Geek Girl Authority loves all of the Arrowverse shows, we are only able to do recaps with one of our hero shows, The Flash. Here’s what you need to know about Arrow and Supergirl before the part one.  

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Melissa Benoist as Kara Zor-El Danvers/Supergirl. Photo courtesy of cwtv.com

Supergirl has been dealing with some super jerks this season.  A group of humans called the Children of Liberty have decided that aliens have to go, starting with Supergirl aka Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist).  You know Kara, she’s believes there is a way to peacefully resolve any problem, but this one may be a little difficult to work out. 

The Children of Liberty have hurt and killed several aliens. At one point, their main target was Supergirl. They released Kryptonite in the atmosphere.  Kara was affected and had to hide at the DOE until Lena could create a containment suit for Supergirl to function. 

Their activity has also caught the attention of a rogue human named Manchester Black (David Ajala). Manchester is a friend of J’onn (David Harewood) and is trying to live a peaceful life as well.  But when his fiancee is killed, Manchester takes every risk to find Agent Liberty to make him pay. 

The Children of Liberty’s biggest accomplishment was exposing President Mardin (Lynda Carter) as an alien. A new president has been appointed and new policies with him. The DOE and it’s new director Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh) are under close surveillance.  Alex and Kara have been able to do the things they need to do without raising any suspicions about Supergirl or Brainy (Jesse Rath).

Speaking of Brainy, he has had an interesting time fitting in on Earth. He made a new friend though in Nia Nal (Nicole Maines).  Nia is also an alien and Brainy knows full well what she is capable of.  Nia came on as a reporter at CatCo Media.  She is afraid to fall asleep though.  Kara and James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks) have noticed her disheveled look and are in the process of learning more about Nia. 

As for James, he was acquitted of vigilante crimes when he admitted to being Guardian.  That had a lot to do with Lena (Katie McGrath) buying his freedom. Of course she didn’t tell him. That’s not the only secret that Lena is hiding. Lena kept the formula for Haran-El. She decided to use it to create a serum that would give regular humans superpowers.  Up until now she has been running trials on human hearts only.  She recruited her first human subject recently, but he did not survive the trial.  Ugh…what would Kara and James think of  Lena if they knew what she was up to? 

Nia had a big part in helping Kara find out who Agent Liberty’s true identity, when he appeared in her dreams.  Brainy and Kara helped her navigate the dream and that’s when they found Manchester Black fighting with Agent Liberty.  Agent Liberty, aka Ben Lockwood (Sam Witwer) used to be just a university history professor. After his father died, Ben blamed aliens for everything bad that happened to him. That’s when he started the Children of Liberty and began his war on aliens.  When Ben was arrested for the Children of Liberty’s crimes, he demanded to know the true identity of Supergirl.  President Baker (Bruce Boxleitner) received some backlash because of Supergirl and asked for her alter identity. When Supergirl refused, she was asked to leave the DOE. Supergirl watched Ben Lockwood be taken into the police station and heard human cheer for him.  

At the end of season 3, a second Supergirl was created…somehow, someway…and arrived in Russia.  We got a glimpse of her in the season premiere, punching through a tunnel somewhere in Russia.  She was affected by the release of Kryptonite in the atmosphere.  And we know she is being closely guarded. That’s all we know for now.

The return of Supergirl in 2019 should be a fun time, don’t you think?  

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Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow. Photo Courtesy of cwtv.com


Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) went to jail at the end of season six.  So for the first seven episodes of season seven, Oliver has been doing his best to stay alive and not kill anyone in the process.  He was up against other inmates, guards, planted inmates, and even a doctor who tried to brainwash him.  Through it all, Oliver still stands tall and with no blood on his hands.

Life went on for Team Arrow. Diggle (David Ramsey) and Curtis (Echo Kellum) both work for ARGUS.  Dinah (Juliana Harkavy) was appointed Captain of the Star City PD, Rene (Rick Gonzalez) works with the city youth club, and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) is in witness protection with William (Jack Moore).

Ricardo Diaz (Kirk Acevedo) is still on the loose.  He finds Felicity and William, forcing them to return to Star City. Felicity puts William in boarding school so she can concentrate on taking down Diaz.  She enlists the help of Team Arrow, but they are all trying to do things by the book.  Except for Rene…he’s ready to get back to their vigilante ways.  His motivation comes from a new Green Arrow running about the city, fighting crime. Of course, it’s not Oliver, so who is under that hood?

Diaz returns to Star City as well, exacting his revenge on Team Arrow, with help from a group called the Longbow Hunters. Diaz’s ultimate goal is to destroy Star City.  The gang is forced to team up and try to stop them. Laurel (Katie Cassidy) even joins the team in stopping Diaz, because the FBI can’t. That gives Laurel the idea to appeal Oliver’s case.

Part of Oliver’s deal was that the FBI would continue to track down Diaz, but it’s not their priority. And add the brain washing scheme on top of that and Laurel has a case.  The judge denies the case at first, but when Team Arrow finally catches Diaz, Laurel makes another deal.  She tells the FBI that Oliver will testify against Diaz for his freedom.  When Laurel goes to tell Felicity the good news, Felicity has a gun pointed at Diaz, ready to kill him.  As soon as she hears Oliver is getting out, Felicity withdraws.

Diaz won’t let Oliver get out that easily. He literally breaks into the prison so he can kill Oliver. Who breaks into a prison that he’s already headed to? Diaz incites a riot to draw Oliver out in the open. The two have a major fight that Oliver wins of course.  He locks Diaz in his cell and walks out of the prison. 

Upon his return to Star City, Oliver is tempted to jump right back into fighting crime. Since everyone knows he’s the Green Arrow, he can’t do it illegally. So he joins the Star City PD to fight crime legally.  However, Felicity has changed since Oliver left and the two have decided to reevaluate who they are as a couple. That makes me sad.  The big reveal in the latest episode is that the new Green Arrow is Oliver’s unknown sister! (other than Thea)

There is also a flash forward story, 20 years into the future. William (Ben Lewis) is lead to Lian Yu and finds Roy Harper (Colton Haynes). They find the Green Arrow’s bow and arrow and that lead them back to Star City. along with an older Dinah and the grown up Zoe Ramirez (Andrea Sixtos) they find clues left behind by Felicity, but no one knows what it leads to.  Felicity is presumed dead and if they are reading things right, she planned on blowing up Star City, but changed her mind. 

Let’s Go!

So that’s all you need to know about what’s been happening.  Oh and it’s Felicity/Oliver and Barry (Grant Gustin)/Iris West-Allen’s (Candice Patton) anniversary! We already know the Green Arrow and the Flash switch lives so this should be pretty funny to watch. So sit back and enjoy this year’s crossover! Don’t forget to check back wiht Geek Girl Authority for the Elseworlds recaps this week! 

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