Whoa! Night 1 of the CW Arrowverse Crossover was intense!  The superheroes of Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow come together to battle the Nazis and doppelgangers of Earth-X. 

Let’s jump right back into the story.

Part 3

On Earth-X, our heroes are in a concentration camp. The prisoners wear different colored stars or triangles, depending on their crime. Jax (Franz Drameh) asks one of the prisoners what he did. He says he loved the wrong person. Barry/The Flash (Grant Gustin) tries to vibrate out of his cuffs, but can’t get through. The collar is dampening his powers. Oliver/Arrow (Stephen Amell) says they can’t give up. They have to get back to Earth-1 and save their friends.

On Earth-1, Cisco (Carlos Valdes) wakes up in the pipeline. Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker), Mick (Dominic Purcell), Dinah Drake (Juliana Harkavy), Rene Ramirez (Rick Gonzalez), Curtis Holt (Echo Kellum) and Harry Wells (Tom Cavanagh) are all in their own individual cells.  

Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash (Cavanagh) is rolling around in his old wheelchair, telling Supergirl/Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) about his time at Star Labs. He says he hated every minute of it. Supergirl asks where her friends are. Eobard says they are on Earth-X and she won’t be alive long enough to see them. Kara tries to wiggle out of her restraints. Overgirl (Benoist) says the red sunlight is making her weak. She can’t get out. Soon Eobard is going to open up Kara and take her heart.

Iris (Candice Patton) and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) hear their conversation from inside the air vents. They need to do something. Iris says they need to get to the pipeline to rescue Cisco. He can turn off the power and breach them out of there.

The guards come for the Earth-1 heroes. Quentin Lance’s (Paul Blackthorne) Earth-X doppelganger is a high ranking commander in the Reich. He sees Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) and says she is Nordic perfection. He tells her he had a daughter that looked like her. She was killed for being perverse. Quentin-X tells the guards to bring the Earth-1 heroes…and one of the regular prisoners to the field.

The group attempts to turn and fight. Their collars shock them all, making them fall to the ground. Quentin-X tells them to get up and continue walking. The group gets to a ledge and turns around. The Nazis prepare to shoot them, but a blast of cold air freezes the guns. Oh, hello Leonard Snart (Wentworth Miller).  

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Citizen Cold Leonard Snart (Wentworth Miller) from Earth-X on the CW Crossover: Crisis on Earth-X, cwtv.com

Snart is there to save his friend, the prisoner Ray Terrill (Russell Tovey). The Nazis start shooting at them. Snart picks up the guard’s keys and the heroes jump into a ditch with Ray. Ray flies into the air, glowing and knocks out the guards and Quentin-X.

Overgirl lingers over Kara. Overgirl hates Kara for being compassionate to others. She says it makes her weak. She doesn’t understand why Kara doesn’t use her full potential to make people serve her. Overgirl says the world isn’t made better by protecting the weak, it’s made better by getting rid of them. Kara tells Overgirl she won’t get her heart. Overgirl asks why she cares. Kara isn’t using it.

Iris and Felicity make it to the pipeline. Two Nazi guards find them, but the ladies disarm the guards and knock them out. They try to open the blast doors, but can’t. Felicity sends an SOS to the Waverider. Iris says they can’t wait for the Legends. They need to save Kara now.

Leo and Ray take the heroes to the Earth-X STAR labs. Leo asks where they are from. When they tell him they are from Earth-1, he tells them Ray is from Earth-1 too. Ray knows how they got there. They came through a temporal breach. There is a gateway nearby and is heavily guarded by the Nazis. General Winn Schott (Jeremy Jordan) tells they heroes that they plan to blow up the gateway to cut off the Fuhrer from his army. The heroes say they need the gateway to get home but General Schott doesn’t care. He gets angry when he sees Oliver. He doesn’t know who these people are. Winn only knows what needs to be done to save his world.  

Alex (Chyler Leigh) pleads with General Schott to give them some time to get through the gateway so they can save her sister. She tells him about the Winn from her Earth and how they would do anything to save each other. General Schott says none of that matters on his earth. He won’t change his mind.

Professor Martin Stein (Victor Garber) apologizes to Jax (Franz Drameh) on the CW Crossover: Crisis on Earth-X, cwtv.com

The Professor apologizes to Jax. He says he was so excited about living a normal life, he didn’t consider Jax’s feelings about the whole thing. Jax says he’s not trying to keep the professor from his family. The professor cuts him off saying Jax is his family too. He says they are in a dark place, but he is optimistic about their situation because he with Jax. And the professor couldn’t ask for a better son than Jax. Jax accepts his apology and they hug it out.

Sara finds Alex rummaging around. Alex says she can’t loose her sister. Sara understands because she lost her sister too and it put her in a dark place. Alex says she just wants to save Kara and go home to Maggie. Sara says Alex seems like she would have a valid reason for ending her relationship and she should trust her instincts.

Ray and Leo discuss trying to convince the General to change his mind. Leo tells Ray that if they blow up the gateway, he will never see his family again. Leo wants to help the Earth-1 heroes. He says they would risk everything for the people they love. Just like Leo would risk everything for Ray. Leo kisses Ray. Ray says he can’t resist Leo.

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Ray and Leo tell the Earth-1 heroes that they changed the General’s mind. They all prepare to leave for the gateway. Barry does some recon on the building and finds power dampeners all around the building. They have to find a way in, but they don’t exactly blend in. Oliver does though. Winn gives them one hour to get through the gateway and then he blows it up.

The process is complete. Kara is finally weak enough to cut into. Thawne prepares for surgery. Felicity cuts the power before Thawne can cut into Kara. Oliver-X (Amell) says everyone is accounted for. He doesn’t know of any hiding places. Thawne knows of one. His secret room, but the place is empty.  

Iris and Felicity have climbed through the vents to the lab. They get Kara and take off for the elevator. When the elevator door opens, Metallo is waiting for them. He hits Kara with his green laser saying Thawne isn’t through with her.

Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) poses as the Fuhrer on the CW Crossover: Crisis on Earth-X, cwtv.com

On Earth-X, Leo and Oliver are dressed as Nazi’s. Oliver uses his looks to stroll right past everyone. Quentin-X tells him the Doomsday device, the Waverider is ready. Oliver gives the command and they watch the Nazi Waverider fly through the breach.

Thawne tells Oliver-X that the Waverider is on its way. Oliver-X only cares about Kara-X. He orders Thawne to get the power back on. Thawne says it’s been encrypted by Felicity. They have Felicity and Iris nearby after recapturing Supergirl.

Oliver tries to leave to meet the rest of the heroes and Quentin-X says he has a gift for the Fuhrer. They bring out Earth-X Felicity. Quentin-X hands Oliver a gun to kill her. Oliver points the gun at her, but turns it on Quentin-X. The gun is not loaded. Quentin-X knew he wasn’t the real Fuhrer. The Nazis start shooting at Oliver, but he kills them all. Quentin-X gets away. Oliver hands Earth-X Felicity a gun and tells her to go.  

Barry runs in to help Oliver, but he’s got it all under control. Speaking of controls, the gateway controls are damaged. There is another control by the gateway. They have to get through more Nazis to get to it though.

General Schott radios Leo. He released the weapon. Leo says they had an hour. The General says he couldn’t wait. The Earth-1 heroes haven’t gone through the breach. The General doesn’t care about the Earth-1 heroes. He only cares about saving his world. Leo tells Sara at the weapon, Red Tornado is on his way.  

Eobard Thawne (Tom Cavanagh) threatens Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) on the CW Crossover: Crisis on Earth-X, cwtv.com

Eobard is holding Felicity against the wall demanding the encryption code to turn the power back on. He vibrates his hand saying no one has ever heard of her, so no one will miss her. Kara stops him and tells them to take her. She won’t let them hurt her friends. Kara tells Felicity to turn the power back on. Felicity gives them the code and is taken away with Iris. Kara is put back on the operating table.

The Earth-1 heroes come up with a plan of action to get to the gateway before Red Tornado arrives. Barry and Ray go after Red Tornado to stop him. The rest will clear out the remaining Nazis to get to the gateway. Leo asks if that’s the whole plan. Barry says the Snart he knows used to say, “Make the plan; Execute the plan; Expect to the plan to go off the rails; Throw away the plan.” Leo says that’s terrible advice. He always has a plan. Ray kisses Leo and says the plan is to not go to Earth-1 without him. Leo tells Oliver it’s time to put on their costumes. Snart is so much fun on any earth!

The heroes go to battle with the Nazis again. The Flash and Ray encounter Red Tornado. The Flash jumps on his back to stop him. The Red Tornado flies up to scare the Flash. Ray follows them and Red Tornado throws off The Flash. Ray catches Flash, but the Red Tornado gets away.

At the gateway, Firestorm sees the control panel. Professor Stein suggests he and Jax split up so they can work faster. Jax gets to the power source and turns off the power dampening field. As the professor moves to turn on the breach, he is shot. Jax tries to get to him, but there is too much gunfire. Stein is hurt badly and bleeding a lot.

Part 4

The team moves in to save Stein. Stein is alive and is bleeding a lot. He gets up to crawl to the controls. The Nazis turn to shoot and hit him again. Stein turns on the controls and the Nazis are eliminated. The breach is open. The Flash and Ray are still chasing Red Tornado. Barry throws a lightning bolt. Rays uses his power to intensify the bolt. The bolt hits Red Tornado and he falls. They have to get Stein to the Waverider. He can only survive as Firestorm. Oliver thanks Snart for helping. Snart says he’s not done yet. They are heading to Earth-1 to stop the Earth-X villains.  

Fuhrer Oliver (Stephen Amell) watches over the heart transplant on the CW Crossover: Crisis on Earth-X, cwtv.com

Oliver-X watches over the surgery. Thawne prepares to cut into Kara again. He can’t get the knife to touch Kara’s skin. That’s because The Atom/Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) won’t let him. Atom shoots Thawne and OliverX, saving Kara. He helps Felicity carry Kara to the Waverider. Iris goes to turn lock the time vault. Felicity quickly catches Atom up on what’s been going on. She mentions the robot and Atom goes on a tangent about fighting robots. A Nazi comes up behind him. Atom’s hand ‘embiggens’ and stretches out to crush the Nazi. (I think Ray is making up words)

Nate Heywood/Steele (Nick Zano) opens the cells, releasing the other team of heroes. The Legends have arrived. Who needs an army when you got Legends!

Oliver-X tries to wake up Overgirl. Thawne says it’s no longer safe for them to be there. Oliver-X tells Thawne to go back and prepare for the invasion. He’s staying with his wife. He says Supergirl is not leaving alive. Thawne thinks that’s a bad idea, but Overgirl calls him out for question his leader’s orders. Thawne leaves. Oliver-X kisses Overgirl and tells her he will be back…with Supergirl’s heart.

Oliver, Flash, Sara, Firestorm, and Alex return with Citizen Cold and the Ray. They split up to find everyone. Atom says he has Supergirl and Nate has group B. Metallo crashes into the room to face the Legends, Team Arrow, Cisco and Caitlin.

Atom leads Felicity and Kara to the Waverider. They are stopped by Oliver-X. Atom is incapacitated. Felicity stands between Oliver-X and Kara. She says they will never stop fighting. So he should just go home. Oliver-X prepares to shoot her and Arrow shows up with a knife at Overgirl’s neck. Arrow tells Oliver-X to lower his weapon or he will kill his wife.

Metallo is hard to kill. Dinah says it’s like fighting the Terminator. Cisco starts laughing. He loves a great pop culture reference in a moment of crisis. The Ray and Firestorm show up to battle with them Killer Frost and Black Canary join in. With their powers combined, they destroy Metallo.

Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) reunites with Oliver/Arrow (Stephen Amell) on the CW Crossover: Crisis on Earth-X, cwtv.com

Overgirl tells Oliver-X to kill Felicity. Thawne runs in to save the Earth-Xers. Felicity runs to Oliver and apologizes for the last things she said to him. Oliver says that doesn’t matter. He tells her they don’t need to get married, he just wants to be with her.

The entire team leaves on the Waverider. Professor Stein in in the infirmary. Jax coughs up blood and collapses. Since Stein and Jax are connected, Stein’s injuries affect Jax too. Jax is the only thing keeping the professor alive.

All of our favorite duos reunite, including Snart and Mick. Leo tries to console Mick about Stein. Mick calls him a gang banger…meaning doppelganger. (LOL) Leo tells him the Mick on his Earth was a good man who died saving the police from a fire.

Jax wakes up and asks about the professor. Caitlin lies to him and says she is doing everything she can to fix him. She tells Ray Palmer that Jax and Stein are getting worse. Stein won’t last much longer and because of the connection, Jax will die too. Caitlin doesn’t know how to tell him.

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Curtis Holt/Mr. Terrific meets up with Ray Terrill, Amaya and Zari to track the Nazis. They have been tracking them using Overgirl’s radiation signature. Curtis looks at the radiation levels and they are rising. When the radiation reaches it’s peak, Overgirl won’t just die, she will create a supernova that will destroy everything.

Professor Stein calls for Jax. He knows he is dying. He tells Jax if they stay connected Jax will die too. The professor wants to take Cisco’s serum. He asks Jax to let him die so Jax can live. If they don’t do this, they will both die. Jax isn’t ready to let him go. Stein says Jax is like a son and how can a father do anything less for his son. Jax gives Stein the serum. He drinks the serum and tells Jax to give his wife and daughter a message. Stein thanks Jax for the adventure of a lifetime. He hopes Jax lives as long and full of love as he has. Professor Martin Stein dies.

Jax Franz Drameh) mourns the death of Professor Stein (Victor Garber) on the CW Crossover: Crisis on Earth-X, cwtv.com

The entire team is updated about the professor. Everyone is sad and grieving in their own way. Jax goes to Stein’s family to tell them the news.  

Oliver asks how Sara is doing. She says she’s fine. They have to get back to finding the Nazis. Oliver tells her about Overgirl’s fate. He says they will attack Central City to get them to give up Kara.

Overgirl apologizes for being so weak. The Nazi Waverider tells them that Overgirl will be dead within the hour. Oliver-X doesn’t want to hear it. He won’t give up on trying to save her.

The heroes assemble on the Waverider and update everyone on what’s going on. Arrow says failure is not an option. They are going to win.  

Oliver-X calls them. He says they will leave Earth-1 peacefully if the heroes turn over Supergirl. Arrow hangs up on him. They are going to war. Atom says they should do it for the professor too by protecting the city he loved and the family he left behind.

Overgirl attacks Central City from the Waverider while Oliver-X lead the Nazis on the ground. They are killing innocent people. The heroes arrive together. The final battle begins.

The heroes of Earth-1 prepare to meet the Nazis of Earth-X on the CW Crossover: Crisis on Earth-X, cwtv.com

Felicity, Iris, and Harry are with Cisco on the Waverider. Cisco is having so much fun. He says it’s like playing a video game.

Flash vs. Flash

Arrow vs. Arrow

Supergirl vs. Overgirl

Everyone else fights the Nazi soldiers. Killer Frost takes Amaya (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) and Zari (Tala Ashe) to the Nazi Waverider and lowers the shields. Cisco breaches them back while Harry destroys the ship.

The Flash overpowers Reverse Flash, but cannot kill him. Eobard tells him to do it, but remembers that Barry Allen is above killing. Flash tells him to leave. Eobard says he is looking forward to the next time they meet.

Overgirl’s radiation levels increase. She going to go supernova. Harry tells Supergirl to get her off the Earth before she explodes. Supergirl grabs Overgirl and flies up. Overgirl explodes as soon as they enter space.  

Oliver-X sees the explosion and knows that it’s Kara-X. That give Arrow an opportunity to pull an arrow. Oliver-X vows to kill Arrow, but Arrow shoots him first. Oliver-X is dead.

The blast knocked out Supergirl and she falls to the ground. Steele catches her before she hits the ground. The Earth-1 heroes win.

Leo Snart (Wentworth Miller) and Ray Terrill (Russell Tovey) say goodbye to Earth-1 on the CW Crossover: Crisis on Earth-X, cwtv.com

Barry thanks Leo and Ray for helping them. Leo insist on hugging Barry. Cisco opens a breach to Earth-X. Leo tells Ray that he’s staying behind for a little while. He promises not to stay long. Ray kisses him goodbye and walks through the breach.

Jax speaks at Martin Stein’s funeral. He breaks down and apologizes to Clarissa Stein for not being able to save him. Clarissa says Jax is a part of their family. Lily tells Jax that her father will always be with him. One by one the heroes thank the professor for everything he has done for them and they say goodbye.

Sara says goodbye to Alex. Alex is taking her advice and trusting her instincts. Mick comes in to let Sara know that the Waverider is ready. The Legends leave for another time.

Kara and Alex thank Barry for inviting them to their wedding. Even though there was no wedding. They say they will be back for the do over. Barry says they aren’t having another wedding. They will just go to the courthouse to make it official. Kara and Alex go home.

Felicity asks if they really aren’t going to have another wedding. Iris says they had a ceremony. All that’s left are the vows and rings. Barry asks if a mayor can marry people. Oliver says it has to be within Star City. Felicity says she knows a guy who is ordained John Diggle (David Ramsey)! Barry grabs him and brings him to Central City. He agrees to officially marry them. Oliver and Felicity are the best man and maid of honor.  

Barry and Iris exchange vows. John is about to pronounce them as man and wife. Felicity stops them. Felicity asks Oliver to marry her. She says her greatest fear is losing Oliver. Oliver says yes. Oliver and Felicity say their vows. No one has rings, but John goes on. He pronounce Barry and Iris…and Oliver and Felicity…husband and wives.

John Diggle (David Ramsey) marries Barry (Grant Gustin) and Iris (Candice Patton)…and Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) on the CW Crossover: Crisis on Earth-X, cwtv.com


Wow! I was not expecting Stein’s death! I knew he was leaving, but I thought he would get a chance to see his grandson grow up. That was the first time these show seriously made me cry. Victor Garber is a treasure! He will be missed.

I knew Felicity would change her mind. Finally! Olicity is married!! I’m so glad they added John Diggle. It’s just not Team Arrow without him. 

I feel bad for Kara because of how things ended with Mon-El. And I know that no matter how much it hurts, Kara will let him go again. They were so good together though!

This was such an amazing crossover. The action was nonstop, the story never lagged and the bad guys all died…well, almost. The team ups has me hoping for special episodes where we get to see them fight together again. Like Felicity and Iris! They did pretty good for not having superpowers.  

How will the CW ever top this crossover?

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