Well, here we go. Supergirl, ‘Crisis on Earth-X, Part One’…featuring the stars of Arrow, The Flash, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.


Earth-X looks different….darker than Earth-1.  There are swastikas all over the city.  A red hue covers the city. A group of men guard an abandoned building. A man in a lab coat emerges from inside. One of the guards asks how things are going.  The doctor says they have to make the device work if they are ever going to bring hope back to this world.

Arrows come from out of nowhere.  A masked Nazi Archer walks onto the scene and kills the doctor and the guards.  He looks at the building and hears someone approaching.  He asks if this is the best they could send. It’s Guardian (Mehcad Brooks) and he feels the same way.  The two fight and the Archer overpowers Guardian. He stabs Guardian and throws him to the ground.  Guardian says there are more like him and one day they will free this world.  The Archer says that fight died a long time ago.  He kills Guardian.  The Archer goes into the building and finds a machine that the resistance built.  He says their reign will last for an eternity.

Back on Earth-1, Barry/The Flash (Grant Gustin) is fighting King Shark when Iris (Candice Patton) calls him to tell him that the caterer needs their headcount, but they don’t have all of the RSVPs. Who didn’t RSVP?  1. Olicity – Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) interrupts Oliver/Green Arrow’s (Stephen Amell) fight asking if they are going to the wedding. Oliver says of course they are going. She sends their RSVP. 2. The Legends are in England, circa 1183 to to fight the soldiers of Nottingham.  Sara (Caity Lotz) asks if they sent their RSVP. Jax (Franz Drameh) answers that they didn’t. Stein (Victor Garber) says that is a serious breach of courtesy.  Mick (Dominic Purcell) replies that weddings are the worst. 

And 3. In National City, Kara/Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) fights a Dominator…”These guys are so last year.” At the DEO, Mon-El (Chris Wood) runs in to check on Kara. Alex (Chyler Leigh) says she is fine because she’s Supergirl.   Later, Alex tells Kara about Mon-El being worried. Kara is so upset and confused about the whole Mon-El situation.  Alex gets more wine and sees Barry’s wedding invitation. She ask Kara why she isn’t going.  Kara says she isn’t in mood for a wedding. Alex agrees.  They should just sit at home and wallow in their sad lives.  Kara changes her mind and tells Alex they are going to the wedding.

Everyone rushes to Central City, Kara, Felicity, Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) and Iris are at the salon.  Iris asks about Mon-El. Kara avoids the subject.  So Iris asks Felicity if she’s next.  Felicity it will happen when the city is no longer under attack, Oliver is not under indictment, and spending time with his son who is still mourning the loss of his mother…any day now! The girls toast to Iris on her big day. 

At the tux store, Barry ask Oliver for help on his vows.  He’s been in love with Iris since he was ten and has 38 pages of vows, single spaced. Oliver comes out of the dressing room and even Barry has to say ‘Damn!’  Oliver tells Barry that when he sees Iris at the alter, everything he needs to say will come to him. Barry asks Oliver if he has thought about making it official.  Oliver says now is not the right time. Barry asks if he loves Felicity. Of course he does! Then he should put a ring on it.  Barry says guys like them will always get into trouble. And having someone they love by their side gives them something to fight for. If Barry can have his happy ending so can Oliver. 


Harry Wells (Tom Cavanagh) and Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) work on a solution to the Firestorm problem on Crisis on Earth-X, The CW Crossover, cwtv.com

Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and Harry (Tom Cavanagh) give Jax and Professor Stein a decelerating serum to separate themselves without blowing up. They took all of Steins notes, their consultations with Newton, Curry and Galileo (Hacks! Every one of them! – Harry). They ran the data through a synthesizer…so much science…and came up with a formula….I think.  Harry gets critical of Cisco’s work. Cisco insults Harry. Stein makes them stop arguing long enough to ask how it works.  They trick the Firestorm matrix into thinking that the genetic codes are connected, when they really aren’t.  There will be no more Firestorm powers in either of them.  Stein wants to do some more testing with Gideon first though.  He’s excited…but Jax isn’t. 

On Earth-X, the Archer meets with a Nazi scientist.  He tells him to make the machine work. The Nazi scientist wants to make sure it’s not a trap. Another Nazi flies in and gives the scientist one day to figure everything out.

Caitlin visits with Stein. Stein says the last wedding they were both at was Caitlin and Ronnie’s wedding.  Caitlin admits to helping Cisco and Harry find the solution to the serum.  She asks him what he’s going to do when he’s no longer Firestorm.  Stein says he will be a better husband, work on projects with Lily, and spend lots of time with his grandson.

Barry and Iris have their wedding rehearsal dinner at Jitters.  Mick is enjoying the free food and booze. He asks Caitlin if he tried to kidnap her once. She says yes and not to try it again. Alex is feeling down and starts drinking. Sara joins her, saying she loves the taste of scotch.  Alex admits that she just broke off her own engagement.  The two women toast and keep drinking.

Barry finds Kara to ask her for a favor.  He points out that Alex is drinking a lot and quickly.  Kara explains that Alex has had a rough time lately.  Barry asks about Mon-El.  Kara tells him that Mon-El is married.  Kara says its her own fault. She is supposed to just be Supergirl and not fall in love.  Barry says its okay to have love in her life.  Kara says it’s different for her because she’s not human and alone.  She changes the subject by asking about the favor.  He asks her to sing at his wedding.

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Stein gets to the party and tells Jax that he changed the serum.  It will rewrite Jax’s DNA and he will have new powers…like Spiderman.  That way he could remain on the Waverider and still be a Legend.  Jax gets upset, but it’s time for a toast.

Joe West (Jessie L. Martin), with Cecile (Danielle Nicolet), toast to the happy couple at their rehearsal dinner on Crisis on Earth-X, The CW Crossover, cwtv.com

Joe (Jesse L. Martin) stands in front of everyone, very emotional.  He says he has enjoyed being Iris and Barry’s father. They have been through a lot and maintained their grace and love for one another.  Joe pulls Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) next to him.  He says seeing that makes you want to find that kind of love too.  He thanks Barry and Iris for teaching him how to love again.  Love is the most important thing we have.  

Oliver was moved by Joe’s speech so much that he starts talking about getting married. Felicity asks if he’s serious.  He is. He asks Felicity to marry him and she says no…but yes…but no yes.  Her answer is confusing, but she says they need to talk about it later.  They don’t need a piece of paper to show that they love each other.  She likes the idea of being married, but not the legal part of it.  Oliver wants to get married.  He wants to proclaim his love for Felicity in front of everyone.  He doesn’t get why Felicity doesn’t want that. She shouts that she does not want to marry Oliver.  Everyone stops talking and turns to look at them. Felicity gets embarrassed and walks away.

The next morning, Barry leaves before Iris wakes up.  He leaves her breakfast.  Oliver and Felicity didn’t sleep well.  Kara did, she’s floating.  Alex wakes up next to Sara and slips out.  Stein wakes up to find Jax on the couch and Mick in his wife’s robe.

Kara waits for Alex in front of the church. When Alex shows up, she tries to play it off like nothing happened.  Alex is very hung over.  Sara arrives and asks how she’s doing.  She asks if Alex’s butt is okay because she heard her fall out of her bed.  Alex plays it off and says she’s fine. Sara goes inside the church.  Kara starts laughing Alex. Alex is so embarrassed, she’s never had a one night stand.  Kara said she had fun just leave it at that.

A young woman approaches Barry, looking at him in awe. She offers him some water, but he refuses. She says she is very excited to be at his wedding.  The girl looks at him like she knows him. So Barry asks if they have met before. She says no, but she just knows this wedding will be one to remember. Weird…huh?

Iris West (Candice Patton) and Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) at the beginning of their wedding on Crisis on Earth-X, The CW Crossover, cwtv.com

Kara goes to the microphone and sings Barry’s song from the musical crossover, “Running Home to You.”  Iris walks down the aisle with Joe.  When they get to the altar, Joe tells Barry he wishes his parents could be there to see his wedding.  Barry says they are. The preacher begins his sermon. He gets to the part when he asks if there any objects and Bam! A laser hits the preacher, disintegrating him.  Nazis enter the church with the Nazi archer, the flying Nazi, and a Nazi swordsman leading them. 

The Nazis start shooting up the place.   Harry tells everyone to get out.  Everyone else goes into superhero mode.  Cisco tells Caitlin to let out her evil roommate and Killer Frost emerges. Mick is excited to see her.  Sara and Alex fight of the soldiers side by side. Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) and Barry whiz around the room stopping bullets from hitting anyone. Kara asks who they are and the Nazi flyer tells her to come find out.  They start fighting outside the church.  

Oliver makes his way to the Archer to stop him.  Sara and Alex face the Nazi Swordsman.  Oliver deflects the Archer’s arrows from killing any of the civilians.  Firestorm, Cisco, Mick, and Killer Frost are fighting off the Nazi soldiers. Kara continues to fight the Nazi flyer, but they are equally strong.  Wally stops an arrow from hitting him but it shocks him instead.  Oliver yells for Cisco to open a breach to the balcony.  Oliver jumps through and fights the Archer. 

Sara and Alex defeat the Swordsman.  Kara and The Flyer move their fight back into the church, knocking out Cisco. Two Nazi soldiers run up to kill Cisco and Barry stops them.  Kara is grounded, but gets up and claps her hands at the flyer, knocking her out of the air.  Kara hits the Flyer really hard and the Archer jumps down from the balcony.  He picks up the Flyer and they retreat.  Best Wedding Ever!

Barry returns to Star Labs and finds Iris. He apologizes for the wedding crashers. Iris says what’s important is that they are safe. Barry promises they will be married.

Caitlin examines Cisco. He has a concussion, so he should be okay.  Stein asks why she changed her clothes.  She says she only becomes Killer Frost when she’s scared or angry. Caitlin has a feeling she will be both for a while.

Jax and Sara lead the Nazi Swordsman to the Pipeline.  Wally asks what he can do to help. Barry tells him to keep Joe and Cecile safe.  

Mick wiped all of the minds of the wedding guests to protect the secret identities.  Kara flew over the entire city and did not find one sign of a Nazi. They knew who they were and their strengths.  Kara says the Flyer was as strong as she was.  Oliver says the same about the Archer.  They need answers so they have to make the Swordsman talk.

Earth-Xers, Arrow (Stephen Amell) and Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) on Crisis on Earth-X, The CW Crossover, cwtv.com

On Earth X, the Archer and Flyer meet with a speedster.  It’s Reverse Flash (Cavanagh). He’s not happy that they jumped the gun on their plans to attack Earth.  The Archer says they saw an opportunity at that wedding and took it.  Reverse Flash says their opportunity got Prometheus captured.  The other two remove their masks. They are doppelgangers of Oliver/Arrow (Amell) and Kara/Supergirl (Benoist)!  Earth-X Supergirl says they will get another chance and then they will kill all of the heroes.


In the Pipeline, the Swordsman, Prometheus-X removes his hood.  It’s Tommy Merlyn (Colin Donnell), Oliver’s best friend and Thea’s other half-brother.  Tommy is dead on Earth 1, but there are other versions of him on other earths.   Oliver says he needs to talk to Tommy alone.

Upstairs Iris wants to know why Nazis crashed her wedding? Where did they come from? Who are they? How did they know all of the superheroes would be there?  They aren’t anachronisms, they would have targeted law enforcement. Barry suggests that they are visitors from another Earth.  Jax didn’t know there was more than one.  Kara says there are 52.  Harry tells them there’s a 53rd called Earth X.  Its place where the Nazis won the war.  And it’s an awful place

Tommy Merlyn (Colin Donnell) from Earth-X is Prometheus on Crisis on Earth-X, The CW Crossover, cwtv.com

Oliver and Tommy talk.  Tommy says he was born into the Reich.  He didn’t go to school, they are put in military training instead  Oliver says he will help Tommy, but he needs to know what the others are up to.  Tommy tells Oliver that he can’t tell him anything because the Fuhrer will kill his family if he talks.  Tommy is scared. Oliver tells him that he won’t let anything bad happen to Tommy or his family.  Tommy changes his tune and calls Oliver a special kind of idiot. He says Earth-1’s sensitivity will be the reason the Reich will enslave them, but Oliver won’t live to see it.  Tommy says everyone Oliver cares about will die in horrible ways and he wishes he could live to see it. Tommy bites down on a cyanide tooth and dies before Oliver can open the door.

Oliver-X tells Reverse Flash and Kara-X that Merlyn-X is dead.  He says he will make Tommy’s death mean something.  Reverse Flash says Tommy was weak, but they are down a man.  Oliver-X orders Reverse Flash to stay focused and find the Prism  The two start arguing and threaten to kill each other.  Kara-X stops them and threatens Reverse Flash if he makes a move on Oliver-X.  They stop arguing and get back to work. Kara-X consoles Oliver-X. He says they are running out of time. She tells him to trust their plan.  He asks if she trusts him.  She says yes and he kisses her!

Felicity fills in Curtis (Echo Kellum) on what happened in Central City. She asks him to use their technology to find the Earth-Xers.  Oliver comes in and wants to have a quick chat.  Felicity thinks he’s upset about Tommy, but he says that wasn’t really his best friend.  He wants to know if he proposed wrong. She says his proposal was sweet, but she just doesn’t want to get married.  She likes where they are and doesn’t want to change it.  Oliver is ready to move forward in their relationship.  Felicity asks him to respect her decision.  He agrees but is sad about it.

Caitlin works with Harry and Jax to tracking the Earth-Xers.  She asks if the Waverider tech could help.  Jax says the Waverider is literally in the Stone Ages.  Stein comes in and asks to talk to Jax alone.  He’s confused by Jax’s reaction to the serum he fixed.  Jax said he made his peace with not being Firestorm anymore.  He thought about it and is sad to lose Stein.  He never knew his father and Stein is the closest he’s ever had to a dad.  And now Stein is leaving him.

Sara and Alex have another awkward encounter. Sara is calm and cool about everything, but Alex feels really guilty. After Sara leaves and Kara finds Alex, Alex says she may have made a mistake letting go of Maggie.  Kara says that Maggie taught Alex to be true to herself.  It’s okay for Alex to what is right for her.  

Iris spins in her chair asking Felicity questions. Felicity takes out her frustration on Iris…then apologizes. She tells Iris that she is scared to marry Oliver. She got shot last time.  That was the beginning of the end for them and she doesn’t want to tempt fate again.  Felicity gets a video of the Nazis entering the Dayton Optical Systems.  

Earth 1 heroes meet the Earth-Xers face to face on Crisis on Earth-X, The CW Crossover, cwtv.com

Supergirl and The Flash race to the building to stop them.  Arrow shows up on a motor cycle after them and reminds them that he doesn’t have super speed!  The archer, flyer and a speedster meet them outside with the prism in hand. The Nazis say the Earth heroes can’t beat them.  They remove their masks to reveal the doppelgangers of Kara Zor-El, Oliver Queen, and Harrison Wells. The Flash knows that isn’t Harrison Wells, but Eobard Thawne.  Thawne says it is him, from Earth 1. But he died right? Yes he did, but time travel makes anything possible.

The Earth-Xers keep calling everyone on Earth-1 weak. They’ve accomplished greatness on Earth-X.  Kara-X doesn’t understand how Supergirl can be so weak.  She says she is blessed that her pod landed on the fatherland.  Arrow tells her to go home then!  (For Real)  Oliver-X says they don’t answer to the defenders of Earth-1.  His allegiance to the fatherland and to his wife, Kara-X.  

Arrow tells them again to go home.  Thawne races away and Flash follows him.  Arrow shoots a kryptonite arrow at Kara-X.   Why does he have a Kryptonite arrow? In case an evil Supergirl ever showed up.  Smart!  Kara-X starts to run at Arrow and Supergirl blows her back.  Thawne and Flash return, but Flash is on the ground.  Oliver-X tells Thawne to get the prism and go.  He checks on Kara-X and she’s mad.  Kara-X uses her laser vision to cut a beam on a building that is being built nearby.  Supergirl, Arrow, and Flash race to the building to save the workers and to keep the building from falling.  The Earth-Xers get away with the prism.

This prism is something that can do a lot of things…mainly it’s powerful enough to be converted to a neutron bomb. They have to find the Earth-Xers before they can use the prism.  Barry give them the kryptonite arrow.  He tells them that the archer is Earth-X Oliver and the woman who flies is the Earth-X Kara.  And they are working with Eobard Thawne from Earth-1. Harry calls that guy an idiot! Ha! Earth-1 Oliver shot the Kara-X with that arrow.  And it has her blood on it.  Alex analyzes it and finds the blood cells have a high concentration of solar radiation.  Her levels are highest Alex has ever seen. 

On Earth X, Thawne is working on the prism. He tells Kara-X that it needs some adjustment and a significant power source. Oliver-X is on his way to get that power source. Thawne says Oliver-X has a choice to make…Kara-X or the Reich.  Thawne says they have two goals.  He thinks Oliver-X would chose Kara-X over their other goal….taking over Earth-1. Kara-X says if it comes to it, she will make sure Oliver-X chooses the Reich over her.

The brains are working hard to locate the Earth-Xers..  Harry is going to create a beacon for the solar radiation in Supergirl-X’s blood.  Mick asks Catlin how she turns into Killer Frost.  She says in it only occurs when she is scared or angry.  Mick tries to scare her to make Killer Frost emerge.  He likes Killer Frost better.  harry gets a break in their search.  Whatever is happening to Kara-X’s blood is intesifying, giving the team what they need to track her.

Iris (Candice Patton) and Barry (Grant Gustin) remember the bad things Eobard Thawne has done to them on Crisis on Earth-X, The CW Crossover, cwtv.com

Barry and Iris are looking at the old files about Thawne. Barry is thinking about his mother. Thawne killed his mom. Iris promises that Barry will stop Thawne this time. Oliver says he will because they will all help him.  He comments on how their love is important.  They need to use it to make them stronger.  Barry says the same goes for Oliver and Felicity.  Oliver doesn’t think so anymore.  He says if Felicity loved him as much as he loves her, she would want to marry him.   Felicity enters the room and tells everyone they found Kara-X.  Barry and Iris leave. Felicity starts to talk, but Oliver says he has to keep his head in the game and leaves.

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The Flash, Arrow, Sara, Alex, Supergirl, and Firestorm prepare for battle.  They go to the location of Kara-X’s radiation signal.  They talk about their plan before going into the building.  Arrow and Flash enter first and take out the first wave of Nazis. Alex and Sara join them. They don’t see any sign of the prism.  More Nazis show up with Reverse Flash and Kara-X, but no Oliver-X.  Oliver X is walking into Star Labs. 

Felicity talks to Iris. She is very upset about Oliver. Iris consoles her and Mick interrupts them.  He’s looking for mustard. The girls ask why he didn’t go with the others. Mick didn’t even know they were gone. Caitlin gives Mick his mustard.  Harry runs into Oliver-X in the hallway and sounds the alarm.  Oliver-X knock him out.  The ladies see the Oliver-X walking through Star Labs. Mick tells them to hide. He and Caitlin will fight him off.

The battle continues at the warehouse.  Kara-X gets a hit on Arrow and knocks him out. Arrow wakes up and sees Kara-X fighting Sara and defeating her.   He shoots a arrow at Kara-X and she catches it.  She shoots her laser vision at him. 

Mick attacks Oliver-X at the lab.  Arrow-X shoots an arrow at Mick, knocking his heat gun out of his hands and a rope wraps around Mick.  Killer Frost takes hold of the bow and freezes Arrow-X.  Arrow-X has a electric bolt on the bow and it knocks Killer Frost backwards.  He asks if anyone else wants to be a hero.  Rene/Wild Dog (Rick Gonzalez), Curtis/Mr. Terrific and Dinah/Black Canary (Juliana Harkavy) are waiting on him.  They all three fight Oliver-X at the same time, but he is too strong for them. 

The Earth-Xers uses Metallo as a weapon against the Earth-1 heroes on Crisis on Earth-X, The CW Crossover, cwtv.com

Supergirl, Arrow, Flash and Sara are getting the upper hand on the Nazis.  A robot emerges.  It’s Metallo. He shoots a green laser at Supergirl.  Firestorm attacks Metallo and is thrown across the room. When they land, Firestorm separates.  Reverse Flash and Kara-X defeat the heroes.  Metallo kicks Arrow in the face. 

The heroes are tied up. They have power dampening collars on.  Reverse Flash applauds their efforts.  He taunts Barry, saying no matter how many times Barry kills him, he doesn’t win.  Kara-X tells him to stop.  Oliver-X walks in and says she did a good job.  She falls and says she can’t take the pain.  Oliver-X says they found her and everything is going to be alright.  Oliver-X says Star Labs is secure.  Barry asks if he hurt any of his friends. Oliver-X says yes he did and he enjoyed it.  

Oliver-X explains that  they need Supergirl to save Kara-X’s life.  Reverse Flash, says Kara-X is dying. She has too much solar radiation in her blood. She needs a new heart and they found one. They need the red prism to weaken Kara so they can cut into her and take her heart.  Arrow tells Oliver-X that he will kill him. Metallo returns and sprays them with a green ray.

Felicity and Iris sneak around. Felicity hears a door open.  A Nazi is walking down the hall.  They go to the pipeline.  The Nazis are putting Wild Dog in a cell.  

The heroes wake up outside.  They are locked inside a fence.  There are others with them and they are all dressed the same.  The Earth-1 heroes are on Earth-X.


Wow!!! Action packed from the beginning! Color me impressed.  I really like this crossover. I like them all, but if this were in a movie theater, I’d see it..at least a few more times.  This was a true four show crossover. The hour of Supergirl wasn’t centered on the Supergirl characters. Same for Arrow.  The storylines are played out through all four shows and that made it look like a great “super friends’” movie.

It’s interesting to me that everyone but Barry and Iris are having relationship problems.  Kara is sad about Mon-El, but what could she have really done?  Alex is a mess.  And poor Oliver!  I feel so sad for him.  He knows that Felicity loves him, but he really wants to give her the world.   And she said No.  By the way, where is Gypsy? Why didn’t Cisco invite her to the wedding?

I was hoping Wally would get a chance to fight, but he’s been sent home to keep the family safe. That should have been to keep Iris safe.  Joe and Cecile would have been fine.  

I’m so excited to see what happens!!!  On one hand, I don’t want evil Supergirl to die, but she has to if the real Supergirl lives.  And I really hope everyone walks away believing in love. I predict that Iris and Barry will get married in Star Labs with just their family and close friends watching.

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