Sometimes you want a game that’s absolutely adorable and the internet is the place to deliver that to you. There are countless games that are just too cute to put into words. From ones that you can download and play for free, to those that you can simply click and play in your browser. So, whether you want kitsch cottage vibes, to cuddle up with cute animals, grow some adorable pixel plants or a combination of the above, these games will fulfill all of your wishes.

Plant Daddy

Plant Daddy is a wonderfully simple game that can be played either in your browser or downloaded for free. You start off with a basic living room, one window open, the other boarded up and a ‘To Do’ list on your wall. On this list, you’ll find some plant-related tasks, which you’ll need to tick off in order to complete the game. Buy yourself a cute little pixelated plant and water it regularly, collecting leaves and blossoms from it, until it is fully grown. With the leaves and blossoms that you collect from your plant, you’ll be able to buy new furniture, new decorations and most importantly, new plants for your living room. As you progress further through the game, you’ll be able to study your plants and discover any rare traits that they might have. It’s a slow-paced game that will really appeal to those with a green thumb and the odd five minutes to fill gazing at their virtual greenhouse.

Doggy Riches

Doggy Riches is an adorable slots game that can be played for free, or not, on a variety of online gaming sites. The game elevates pooches to veritable royalty, with adorable illustrations of the king and queen of corgis in crowns that accompany you through the gameplay. As well as this, each of the reels is decorated with gilt edges and ornate pictures reminiscent of royalty. It’s a light-hearted game with two cute critters that’s incredibly simple to pick up and play. It should appeal to those who’ve got limited time to play a cute game and are big dog lovers. If you’d rather play for money then it’s also possible to find a no deposit casino bonus to make that possible for a fraction of the price. VegasSlotsOnline has created a list of all of the bonuses available at the moment, making it easy to find a trusted site that can make your play money stretch that bit further.

Island Saver

You can play Island Saver on PC or Xbox

This game is unusual in that it was developed and released by NatWest, a high street bank. Whilst most people might assume that a bank would make a pretty dry game, it’s actually quite the opposite. Island Saver has already featured as one of our F2P Friday games, thanks to its cute use of colour, easy-to-understand interface and levels of playability that you’d usually expect from one of the big developers. The aim of the game is to clear the island of litter by blasting away muck and collecting trash. As you do this, you’ll earn coins which you can use to save animals. It’s a great game for teaching about the basics of saving, which one would expect from a game developed by a bank. With the intended use aside though, it’s still good fun and with graphics this cute it’s more than deserving of a place on the list.

Peckin’ Pixels

Getting away from it all is a dream for many of us. A lifestyle that allows us to be self-sufficient, live off the land and not be bothered by modern-day problems like work or school. Peckin’ Pixels, despite being an incredibly rudimentary game, manages to tap into that notion. The game asks you to manage and raise chickens, moving them quickly to their nice soft nests before they lay an egg. Once the egg is laid you can place it on the scales to see if it’s going to hatch into a chick or not. The ones that aren’t can be sold for a profit, whilst the ones that are can be placed in an incubator. As your chicks hatch you should keep them well fed until they too grow into chickens. As you progress you’ll notice your chickens changing colour, until you reach the hallowed rainbow chicken. It’s a little bit silly, but the pixelated poultry are just adorable.

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