The world can be a dark place.  But, there are bright spots… and those bright spots include Benedict Cumberbatch himself, and his delightfully ridiculous name.  Now you can have a Cumberbatch-esque name in seconds with the Benedict Cumberbatch Name Generator.  

27 year-old Swedish artist/photographer/game developer, Douglas Gavelin created the generator because he was “bored one weekend.”  He is known online as Rock Lou (you can find his work at and this name generator is definitely unlike anything else on his site (he’s got some pretty awesome nerd-centric wallpapers that you should definitely check out).  But that’s okay, because, if this is the awesomeness that shows up when you’re bored, count me in to follow you around!  

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The generator is a quick fix.  You just click and get a new name; and you can do it as many times as you want.  Some of the names that came up for me included Benebomb Kisswhistle, Brinklebee Lemontwister and Bongobuilder Grinderblock.  They’re good for a giggle and they cost you zero time.  Go get one, you Billcrib Candysnack! 


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