Hi-Rez has done it again folks. This morning they released a new trailer for the next god to grace the battlegrounds in their MOBA (multiplay online battle arena) Smite and I have never been more excited. They have been teasing this release for quite a while and we finally have confirmation. The long-awaited Cthulhu has finally awoken and is going to reak havoc on the world. The trailer that was shared with the official Twitter page is a dark and intense rollercoaster that ends with Zeus coming face to face with this new nightmare. With his introduction begins a new pantheon which I hope gets more H.P. Lovecraft additions.

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The trailer shows off Cthulhu’s addition to Smite with an intense cinematic. This doesn’t mean that we can’t possibly learn more about his kit from it. One major thing we see is that any minion who looks at Cthulhu becomes corrupted. This could be a nod to one of his abilities where he can corrupt enemy minions to attack each other for a short period of time. There is so much they could possibly do with his kit as well as his overall aesthetic. If you don’t mind spoilers I suggest checking out this video where DukeSloth goes over the datamined information on the possible kit. Just remember that anything can change before launch!

Cthulhu is set to go live in June 2020. Smite is playable on PC through Steam and the Epic Game Store, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch.



Julia Roth
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