A patch to the counter: the biggest stuttering problems with the Global Offensive may have been solved by the beta client released on March 26, and these changes may come live on a later date.

There has been a lot of performance problems with CS:GO for up to one month now. From around the 4th of March, players were already complaining about the game stuttering heavily. One of the worst experiences you will encounter in a game that demands top notch accuracy to execute is the issue of characters moving from place to place. This has taken its toll on CS:GO as it made some players decide to not play the game until it was fixed, or even place bets on the game, which is becoming increasingly popular. There are many CSGO gambling sites out there for you to enjoy.

Now, Valve has agreed that the problem exists, but finding a solution to it has taken longer than expected. But a possible solution is underway, as the engineers at CS:GO advocate some alterations in public testing.

According to a tweet from CS:GO, they posited that they are working on solving the problem of below par performance and internal stuttering as witnessed by players. Their advice is for players to play games on Google chrome while closing every app that works on GPU accelerated rendering.

In their prerelease of match 26, they included some form of solution to the lingering issue for some customers, especially those that play with the Nvidia graphic cards.

On twitter, they said that they’ve sent the beta depot that would allow users of Invidia to solve the problem. But one thing they’ve not clarified is whether the stuttering problems would be solved completely by the fix, and when they will provide such a solution for users of AMD.

To ascertain if this fix will solve your problem, download and install the “nvidia_stutter_fix -” client and play with it. For some players, the solution would happen right away, while others may not experience it.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has improved on the team based action that has been its hallmark since 1999.

Speaking about this, John McDonald who is a developer for CS:GO claimed that they are very confident that the patch will bring about the needed solution in the long run. He also said that it will take some time before they come up with something that can work for every player.

He acknowledged how terrible the stuttering of up to 100ms that Invidia players has been experiencing could be and reiterated their faith in the patch to solve the problem. He went ahead to say that owing to the fact that everybody has been working from home for one month now, there are constraints because people do not have the perfect machines to achieve huge effects at home. That is why they do not want to give players things that will make matters worse or things they can’t control at the moment.

For him, the changes are not yet in live servers, but they will soon be. The beta deport patches are used to test the system for some days before the regular patches are thrown live. Because of this, getting these patches live could happen as early as this weekend.