The Crunchyroll Originals lineup continues to look strong. THE GOD OF HIGH SCHOOL is another webtoon adaptation, and a promising one too. Yesterday Crunchyroll dropped a “character trailer”, showing off its three protagonists.

The three’s profiles are as follows:

Jin Mori character card, "The God of High School"

Jin Mori – A sixteen-year-old whose renewal taekwondo, which he learned from his grandfather, makes him undefeatable. Nothing is more important to him than being the best fighter of all, and his current record out of 299 fights is 297 wins and 2 draws. He decides to participate in the God of High School tournament, an interdisciplinary martial arts competition, after suffering the first loss of his life against Judge R, one of the tournament’s judges.

Han Daewi character card, "The God of High School"

Han Daewi – One of the “Mad Cows,” a duo that once controlled the entire Gangnam area. He’s been working part-time jobs to pay the medical bills for his partner in the duo Woo Seung-Tae, who fell ill with an incurable disease, but the part-time work available to high schoolers is barely enough to cover the daily medical bills and won’t cover a cure. He joins GOH after being told that he can save his friend if he wins.

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Yoo Mira character card, "The God of High School"

Yoo Mira – The 25th Master of the Moon Light Sword Style. She pretends to be a fragile high schooler, but she has been training since she was a child and has become a skilled sword player. She prefers guys who are tough and strong, because she’s been told that she needs to marry a man strong enough to help her resurrect her family’s sword style. For that reason, she’s participating in GOH.

Our Take

The trailer below looks quite promising, and picking God of High School to bankroll is an interesting choice. Between this and Tower of God, Crunchyroll seem to have a lot of faith in Korean webtoons as anime source material going forward. In the trailer we get tons of bone-cracking martial arts action packed into just a few minutes. If the story can keep up with the production values, this is one to look out for.

Tower of God premieres this July, exclusively on Crunchyroll.





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