We got our first look at new Crunchyroll Originals entry The God of High School late last month. A new trailer, just released today, looks even more promising than the first. Anyone who thought the series might be tied down by a commitment to more-or-less “realistic” martial arts should rest easy. In the few minutes on display here alone we get a parade of characters. Consequently, there’s some wonderful escalation. We start with a fellow with a baseball bat named Baek Seungcheol, and end with a man summoning a giant demon clown. That’s called “storytelling”, folks.

Speaking of story, the plot so far does seem very archetypal shonen. Jin Mori, our protagonist, has proclaimed himself the “strongest high schooler”, and is invited to a mysterious no-rules tournament to prove it. If he wins, he gets a wish. Out of this, The God of High School seeks to build a compelling narrative. We can’t say for sure that it’ll succeed, but this trailer certainly points things in a good direction.

The God of High School premieres July 6th, exclusively on Crunchyroll.


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