Adult Swim and Crunchyroll, at the first ever Adult Swim Con, announced Fena: Pirate Princess last night. A trailer (below) was also released. Said trailer has both a clip from the series as well as a short interview with director Kazuto Nakazawa. (Most recently known for Netflix original B: The Beginning). Fena is slated for 12 episodes and tells an all-original story. Fena Houtman, the protagonist, is an orphan with a mysterious past from a British-controlled island. She must escape the oppression of the island and uncover the mystery of “Eden.” Fena: Pirate Princess looks to be an interesting one, certainly. The announcement further promises a ragtag crew of misfits. Some of whom appear to be ninja-samurai-pirates. A thing that fiction in general could use more of.

The trailer looks quite promising. We’re looking at something like a mix of Pirates of The Caribbean and a nautical Princess Principal.

Adult Swim and Production I.G. have collaborated before, notably. The pair were responsible for the FLCL sequels back in 2018, alongside RevoRoot and NUT Co. Ltd. (The latter of whom are making our current favorite anime of the season, Deca-Dence.) This all points to a pretty bright outlook for Fena: Pirate Princess. We hope it’ll live up to its potential!

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The series is currently slated to set sail in 2021. Given its production circumstance, it’s reasonable to expect availability both on Crunchyroll itself and on Adult Swim’s Toonami block.

Please note! Parts of the trailer are Not Safe For Work! There is brief depiction of nudity, so viewer discretion is advised.



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