The kickstarter that shook the nerd world is back with some really exciting news. Critical Role a live dungeons and dragons campaign that airs on the groups’ Twitch channel and now an upcoming animated series. They started their kickstarter campaign on March 4th of this year and raised over 11 millions dollars. The initial idea was The Legend of Vox Machina would get a 30 minute animated special, but the critters helped unlock a full season! 

The news today promises we won’t just get a terrific first season, but we are getting a full second season as well! Critical Role has partnered with Amazon to bring The Legend of Vox Machina elusively to Amazon Prime Video. With this partnership we are getting an extra two episodes for season one and a full second season. This means we are getting 24 episodes of Critical Role madness! The partnership is also allowing them to upgrade the animation, the score, the special effects and Sam Riegel‘s wardrobe. Well, maybe not his wardrobe but you know what I mean. 

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Fans that backed the project on kickstarter will still be able to see the two part special that will kick off the series before everyone else. But of course that isn’t all. I mean Critical Role is like the Santa that just won’t stop giving. The Legend of Vox Machina kickstarter backers will also be able to watch the entire first season for free. So no worry on having to fork out more money to watch the show you have already funded. We are expecting more information regarding how this will happen in late 2020.

So what does two seasons mean for us? It means that we are getting more than just the Briarwood arc but also another full one! It will be interested if they decide to follow the original game in order or jump to another big arc to draw viewers in. Personally I would love to see them venture into the Feywild, but as Ashley Johnson was gone for most of that arc, I imagine they will either have to write her in and pick on that she was available for. This also means that it is completely possible that we are going to see more seasons in the future depending on how well the show goes over. Either way more The Legends of Vox Machina is really what the world needs.

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