Bidet fellow critters! Today is a day to rejoice to Sarenrae! If you don’t already know, we received some pretty amazing news this week regarding our favorite dungeons and dragons live game. Last June, Critical Role announced they were branching out on their own to produce more fun-filled content. While all of their new shows appear on their Twitch and YouTube channels, Critical Role and Talks Machina have remained on Geek and Sundry‘s channels. However, during this week’s 100th episode of Talks Machina, we learned that this is changing. Starting tonight Critical Role and Talks Machina are being aired directly to the group’s own Twitch channel. Along with this change, going forward Talks Machina will be uploaded to their YouTube page on the following Thursday and a future podcast will be available as well. They are bidding farewell with love to Geek and Sundry and Legendary Digital Network and hope to continue the great friendship they have and I am sure they will.

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Another announcement came this morning in the form of a puzzle. The image was of a rune-covered stone spelling out the mysterious announcement along with a date, March 4, 2019. It didn’t take long for critters to decipher the code and thanks to Timothy G. Elsy, we know it says “Help Us Animate Vox Machina”. During tonight’s announcements before the show began, Travis Willingham shared with us that on March 4, 2019, Critical Role is launching a Kickstarter to animate Vox Machina! That is right folks! From the moment I watched the very first episode and then watching the animated DnDBeyond and new Critical Role opening, I knew we needed this. You can bet your sweet dice that I will be right there with everyone else backing this project. It is going to be amazing to see what storyline they have in store. What story arc do you hope they start with? My choice? The Briarwoods of course! Who doesn’t want to see the group take on the family responsible for our favorite gunslinger’s backstory?



The final announcement is one for all those who did not get a chance to see the live show in January. Plus all those who have and really want to re-watch it. The Vox Machina, Search for Grog live show will finally air on their Twitch channel tomorrow, February 22, 2019, at 7 pm PST and will be available on their YouTube channel on Saturday! We finally get to see just what happens after Grog pulls the infamous card! Keep checking back here for future updates on what our favorite dungeons and dragons group is up to next!



Julia Roth
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