Remember when you were a child and would play games like telephone or whisper down the lane? The original story would warp in the wildest ways as it traveled from player to player. Well get ready to relive it all with Critical Role as they play Narrative Telephone. Just because they are taking a short break from in-studio productions to practice safe social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t mean we aren’t going to get some pretty epic content.

Starting tonight, April 7, 2020 at 4 pm PST on the group’s Twitch page, Matt Mercer will kick off the game by calling one of his castmates and spinning an original tale set in Wildemount. After only listening to it once they will then need to retell the story to another cast mate and so on and so forth. Mercer is known for telling beautifully elaborate stories during their games so I can imagine just how funny this is going to turn out.

I am fully ready to start a petition to Critical Role to make Narrative Telephone a weekly show even after they are able to head back into studios! For those missing out on their weekly (or even daily) Critical Role content, make sure to follow them on Twitter. They are still trying to create for us during this time as well as sharing old episodes of their shows. May I also suggest checking out their YouTube channel to find all of the episodes to the Vox Machina campaign, the current Wildemount campaign, as well as other one-shots to enjoy.

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Julia Roth
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