The holiday season is upon us Critters, and if you haven’t started holiday shopping – panic! But don’t panic too bad; we are here to help! We have put together a list of our favorite Critical Role merch that we know the Critter on your list would love to receive. With campaign three underway, now is the time to introduce the new Critters coming to the table to some of our favorite stuff! And don’t worry, in no time, they too will be chanting “one of us, one of us!”

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Critical Role Holiday Fun

Celebrate the holiday’s Critical Role style with some of their newest items to hit the CritRole store. Are you looking for a unique stocking to decorate your fireplace? How about the Tal’Dorei’s Winter’s Crest stocking? It’s the perfect size for all kinds of fun treats! Or head to your next ugly sweater party decked out in their newest Ugly Cristmas Holiday Sweater. Spoiler alert – it isn’t ugly! And finally, if you have a Critter on your list (or anyone really) who loves collecting ornaments, may we suggest the Logo Ornaments? It comes with three, a Vox Machina one, a Mighty Nein one and a Critical Role one.

Critical Role Ugly Sweater and Winter's Crest Stocking

Critical Role Ugly Sweater and Winter’s Crest Stocking

Critical Role Accessories

Have a collector Critter on your list? There is stuff for them too! I highly suggest checking out the Funko Pop collection! Those beady little eyes are so endearing. Grab yourself Grog or even Scanlan! Looking for something they can use during a game? Then look no further than their dice sets and miniatures! Personally, my favorite is Grog’s dice set (sensing a pattern here?) and the Mighty Nein’s D20 set! You can also grab the WizKids Minis: Monsters of Wildemount to use during their next adventure!

Grog Funko Pop and Dice Set

Grog Funko Pop and Dice Set

Critical Role For Good Merch

Do good this holiday season by gifting your fellow Critter’s adorable Critical Role merch and supporting a great cause! The Critical Role Foundation is currently benefiting the Shanti Bhavan, providing education and cost-free housing for students from the lowest socioeconomic classes in India. High on my personal gift wishlist this year is the enamel pin. I also love the “Don’t Forget to Love Each Other” shirt which supports OutRight Action International. Check out their “For Good” section to find more items that will help support several different causes this holiday season.

Don't Forget to Love Earch Other shirt and the Critical Role Foundation Pin

Don’t Forget to Love Each Other shirt and the Critical Role Foundation Pin

Critical Role Clothing

As Critters, we love to rep Critical Role on our clothing, from t-shirts to jackets to pants. You name it; they got it. So what items have caught our eyes? We are happy you asked! How about this Vex’ahlia hoodie? Or these “Don’t Forget to Love Each Other” socks! Or celebrate campaign three with this brand new “The Adventure Begins” zip-up hoodie! Looking for something to wear while enjoying the show live? This lounge set needs to be on your list! Comfy stuff is guaranteed to relax you when Matt Mercer inevitably breaks our hearts.

Vex'ahlia hoodie and The Adventure Begins hoodie.

Vex’ahlia hoodie and The Adventure Begins hoodie.

Support Your Fellow Critters

One of my favorite things about Critical Role is the fanart that comes from it. Seriously, these artists are amazing. And I think every one of us would agree that getting a piece of art for the holidays is high on our list. So, I suggest checking out the Critical Role Fan Art page to find your favorite artists and see if they have a store to order from! A few of my favorite pieces are these campaign three stickers from Bonestreasures on Esty! Or anything from Brandi York‘s Critical Role collection! Just look at this Mighty Nein print set and this Grog print! So support your fellow Critters and win their hearts this holiday season!

Critical Role art by Brandi York of The Mighty Nein and Grog.

Critical Role art by Brandi York of The Mighty Nein and Grog.

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What do you have on your Critical Role wish list? Let us know in the comments below and on social media!

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