Critters rejoice! Our wait for a new series from Critical Role comes to an end tonight. Exandria Unlimited is an eight-episode mini-adventure within Matt Mercer‘s world of Exandria. This new adventure will take place 20 years after the adventures of Vox Machina and 10 years after the escapades of the Mighty Nein. It will explore the world we know and love and introduce new places and more characters we have yet to see. And who knows, we might even see some familiar faces.

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Exandria Extended will feature members of the original cast and new faces to the Critical Role scene. Mercer is passing the Dungeon Master reigns onto the phenomenal Aabria Iyengar and taking a seat at the table. He will be joined by Ashley Johnson, Liam O’Brien, Robbie Daymond and Aimee Carrero. The adventure hasn’t even begun and I can already tell you that this will be amazing. They have She-Ra and Tuxedo Mask!

Robbie Daymond, Aabria Iyengar, Ashley Johnson, Matt Mercer, Aimee Carrero and Liam O'Brien in Exandria Unlimited.

Robbie Daymond, Aabria Iyengar, Ashley Johnson, Matt Mercer, Aimee Carrero and Liam O’Brien in Exandria Unlimited.

When they announced the new series, they shared a brief description which reads, “Within the world of Exandria, there are an unlimited amount of stories to be told — and we have only just begun…” I have really high hopes that this isn’t the first time we are going to see a mini-series within Mercer’s world. They could even continue to rotate the cast every time to shake up the character types and role-playing style!

You can join the adventure tonight with the kick-off of the series premiere! Exandria Unlimited will air at 7 pm PST on Critical Role‘s Twitch Channel and YouTube Channel. After it will be available as a VOD on Twitch right after for subscribers and on YouTube the following Monday. It will also be available in podcast form.

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