Members of Geek and Sundry‘s hit show, Critical Role, made some big announcements today! Critical Role is a live play Dungeons and Dragons campaign featuring some of our favorite voice actors. Matt Mercer, known for his voice overs in video games and anime, is joined by his friends Liam O’Brien, Taliesin Jaffe, Marisha Ray, Travis Willingham, Ashley Johnson, Laura Bailey, and Sam Riegel. What started back in 2012 as a fun time with friends became a six-year long adventure with thousands of followers tuning in each week to watch the mayhem. The show’s first campaign featured Vox Machina and in 2017 their adventure came to an end. Now we are graced with the members of the Mighty Nein as they travel from place to place trying to figure out how this new rag tag team works!

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Critical Role partnered with Geek and Sundry but now they are ready to be on their own. We found out today that they are moving into their own studio and will be hosting new shows on their YouTube and Twitch channels. Their sister show, Talks Machina, will be following as well! Talks Machina is hosted by Brian W. Foster and is a recap of the previous events on Critical Role each week. He sits down with members of the cast and gets answers from viewers really important or very silly questions! Along with continuing Critical Role and Talks Machina, they will also be producing new shows that will air exclusively on their channel. This will include more fireside chats with Matt Mercer and the next installment of Marisha Ray’s popular Honey Heist!

Matt, Travis, and Marisha sat down and put together a video going over a lot of the major changes coming in the near future. One of which is also going to be a merchandise store directly on the Critical Role website! This means they will have more control on what they are able to offer and will be able to really listen to the audience on what they would like to see! The first item available is a new Mighty Nein t-shirt designed by Critter Bryan Weiss at RPG + Co. and GearHouse Studios! Their website will still link to the Geek and Sundry store which has more items for sale. The site will also feature a page for amazing fan art and GIFs as well as a section for Critical Role cosplayers!

With all these changes, Critical Role members thanked Geek and Sundry for all their support and will continue to work with them. They also sent their love and thanks to the community for helping support them over the last few years. Critical Role and Talks Machina will still air on their Twitch, YouTube, and Project Alpha for everyone’s viewing pleasure.


Julia Roth
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