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DISCLAIMER: The following contains spoilers for Paramount+’s Criminal Minds: Evolution, particularly Dr. Tara Lewis’s arc. Proceed at your peril.

Criminal Minds: Evolution’s Henrietta Wilson

Fast Facts

Dr. Tara Lewis with short hair standing in front of an evidence board.

Dr. Tara Lewis (Aisha Tyler) joined the BAU on Criminal Minds Season 11 Episode 1, “The Job.” It is never easy for a character to join a show so many seasons in, but Lewis made a great first impression and, since then, has been a fan-favorite character.

She is a forensic psychologist and was a great addition to the team from the beginning. Before the BAU, she interviewed psychopaths to determine whether they were fit for trial or not. Her expertise and knowledge make her a great profiler, adding something to the BAU that was missing. 

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When Dr. Tara Lewis joins the team, viewers find out she was previously married to a man named Daryl. The two met while Lewis was a professor. However, the marriage didn’t end well after Daryl acquired a pill addiction. Even though Lewis tried to help him, the addiction led to their separation.

Throughout her seasons on the show, Lewis has interviewed several serial killers. On Criminal Minds Season 11 Episode 2, “The Witness,” she interviews The Truck Stop Strangler. As the team looks into this serial killer, Lewis discovers the killer’s mom was her mom’s classmate in elementary school.

The Real Deal

Closeup of Dr. Tara Lewis on Criminal Minds: Evolution.

After the Criminal Minds series finale, viewers believed that would be the last they saw of Dr. Tara Lewis and the BAU. However, everything changed with the premiere of Criminal Minds: Evolution. As these characters came back to life, Lewis discovered a container full of dead bodies, leading to the investigation of Sicarius.

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It was during Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 1 that the show uncovered a new layer of Lewis’s character: her sexuality. This time around, her bisexuality was being discussed as she dated Rebecca Wilson, a prosecutor working for the DOJ. Even though their relationship ended in Season 1, there seems to be something between them in Season 2.

Why She Matters

Dr. Tara Lewis with a ponytail and a blazer standing in front of an evidence board.

Dr. Tara Lewis is the kind of person who is always ready for action. Her past, before joining the BAU, prepared her to be the best profiler possible. Her return on Criminal Minds: Evolution has made her an even more complex character with different layers that viewers can relate to.

So, be like Dr. Tara Lewis. Be a great profiler. Don’t be afraid to interview a serial killer. Make a family out of your coworkers. Follow the leads wherever they take you. And be careful when dating a coworker.

Criminal Minds: Evolution streams Thursdays on Paramount+.

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