March has arrived, and it’s time to celebrate International Women’s Day 2024! This incredible holiday celebrates women worldwide, from content creators to philanthropists to doctors and beyond. For a third year in a row, we are looking at 10 of the creatively terrific women behind WEBTOON series. They cover everything from drama and romance to supernatural horror and more. So, as you settle in with a new WEBTOON this month, let us give you some suggestions worth checking out.

DISCLAIMER: Tread carefully; there may be spoilers ahead.

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Morgana and Oz – Miyuli

Our first creative woman behind an incredible WEBTOON series is Miyuli. Her series Morgana and Oz had our eyes and hearts from the first chapter. She blends fantasy, romance and supernatural elements to bring us one of our favorite battles against a coven and a clan. It’s a series that will have you swooning one moment, blushing another and in an uproar right after that. It evokes emotions that we love and continues to draw us in every week.

Check out Morgana and Oz here!

Morgana looking at the dress she is supposed to wear to dinner.

Morgana and Oz WEBTOON Original Series.

SubZero – Junepurrr

Junepurrr‘s series might be called SubZero, but the heat is off the charts in this romance WEBTOON. This is at the top of our list when we think about series that evoke emotions and drama. We are so incredibly proud of everything Junepurrr has been able to achieve since the series started, including a physical release through Oni Press. Clove is a solid lead, and her chemistry with Kyro and the other characters in the series makes reading this so enjoyable.

Check out SubZero here!

Upclose shot of Clove looking determined.

SubZero WEBTOON Original Series.

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I Love Yoo – Quimchee

Our next creative woman behind an incredible WEBTOON series is Quimchee. If you have been living under a rock and missed I Love Yoo, let us help improve your year. The drama/romance/comedy/anything else that can fit into a WEBTOON series follows Shin-Ae as she decides what she wants in life and how she will get it. Add in the incredible cast of characters who range from being the series’ comic relief to those who uplift (or drag down) Shin-Ae, and this story couldn’t get better until it does. Every week is a wild rollercoaster only Quimchee could bring to life.

Check out I Love Yoo here!

Shin-Ae waiting to cross the street in the rain.

I Love Yoo WEBTOON Original Series.

Float – CJ Joaquin & Kate Marchant

This entry is a two-for-one because we love celebrating strong teams. Kate Marchant is the creative mind behind the story Float, which CJ Joaquin brought to visual life on WEBTOON. It’s a romance series that brings Alaska teenager Waverly to the hot weather of sunny Florida. It’s got the YA fantasy feel many of us loved from the early 2000s as we watch Waverly slowly fall for the hot guy next door. We suggest jumping into this series and getting ready for summer love.

Check out Float here!

Waverly's aunt showing off her house.

Float WEBTOON Original Series.

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The Blind Prince – Cozycroww

Following the romance WEBTOON train is The Blind Prince, brought to us by the incredible Cozycroww. She blends romance with fantasy and mystery as she introduces us to the beautiful Elaine. She is kept hidden because of a curse that covers her in unearthly feathers. Elaine resigns to being forever hidden away deep within the forbidden forest until a Prince determined to reclaim his throne comes calling. Cozycroww spins an elegantly beautiful story, and we can’t wait to see where she goes from here.

Check out The Blind Prince here!

The mysterious monster taunting the Blind Prince in his cage.

The Blind Prince WEBTOON Original Series.

Not Even Bones – R Schaeffer

Our next creative woman behind a WEBTOON series is R Schaeffer. She is the incredible talent behind Not Even Bones. The thriller WEBTOON series follows Nita, who helps her mother by dissecting magical bodies to sell their parts on the black market. It’s equal parts mysterious, supernatural, and downright gruesome, and we know you will love it. We can’t help but mention how much we love Nita and the excellent character development the series sees throughout its chapters. It makes it a must-read in our book.

Check out Not Even Bones here!

Nita helping her mom carry a body into the lab.

Not Even Bones WEBTOON Original Series.

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The Witch and The Bull – Moonsia

We don’t think we will ever be able to share how much we love Moonsia‘s The Witch and The Bull. The fantasy series follows celestial witch Aro as she heads out to try and undo a spell that turned Tan into a Bull. It’s heartwarming, with mystery and little tidbits of drama sprinkled in. We can’t help but love the characters, their development, the story and most of all, the beautiful artwork. Moonsia has proved, chapter after chapter, that she knows how to spin a story, and we can’t wait to see what comes next.

Check out The Witch and The Bull here!

Aro serving customers at her coffee shop.

The Witch and The Bull WEBTOON Original Series.

Silent Screams – Glamist

Our next addition to the list is Glamist, the incredible mind behind Silent Screams. Another thriller WEBTOON on our list follows a boy trapped in his own home and in a race against time and his captor. It’s suspenseful, terrifying and a downright terrific read. Each chapter continues to breathe life into this story, and Glamist proves she knows exactly how to hook a reader. We highly suggest checking out the series when you are in the mood for thrills.

Check out Silent Screams here!

Theo turning away from his stepfather after a hard conversation.

Silent Screams WEBTOON Original Series.

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LUFF – Arechan

We may be talking about LUFF when it comes to Arechan, but it’s important to note that she also has two additional WEBTOON series, Señorita Cometa and Faust. She’s an incredible storyteller who has hit genres like romance, mystery and supernatural and only continues to excel. LUFF is one of our all-time favorite series we have read and reread multiple times. The love triangle between Bea and her two perfect matches is only made better by her wanting to be anywhere except where she is. Check it out, and you won’t regret it.

Check out Luff here!

Bea upset the school needs her LUFF number to get a scholarship.

LUFF WEBTOON Original Series.

Lady Liar – Maripaz Villar

Our final woman behind an incredible WEBTOON series for this year is Maripaz Villar, the creator behind Lady Liar and Miss Abbott and the Doctor. She has a knack for creating historical romance series that will have you binging faster than you ever thought possible. Lady Liar follows Adara, a lower-class girl with dreams of living large. And she has quite the plan to get exactly what she wants. She just needs to ensure that one person stays far out of her way. It’s a delightful read, and Villar is a great creator to end this year’s list with.

Check out Lady Liar here!

Adara asking "but why not".

Lady Liar WEBTOON Original Series.

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