We’ve reached episode four of Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop and things are on a roll. The last episode ended on quite a bang as Spike (John Cho) tried to put his past in the past. Who knows if the threat worked? But it’s time to move forward. In episode four, Callisto Soul, Faye (Daniella Pineda) seeks out the Bebop for help when a group of ecoterrorists screw up her attempted shakedown. And it seems like we finally have got the crew back together!

DISCLAIMER: This is a recap and, by definition, will contain spoilers for Cowboy Bebop. If you haven’t watched it yet – stop. Go watch it first and then come back. You can thank me later!

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Callisto Soul opens with Faye testing out names. Yeah, we couldn’t see this kickass bounty hunter as a Kathy either. It seems like she isn’t entirely sure what her name is. Through a conversation with Mark Manley (Byron Coll), we learn that he was responsible for waking Faye up early from her cryogenic sleep, which caused her amnesia. But not only that, he sold all of her stuff to a random person who pretended to be her mother. Faye wants Manley to arrange a meeting between the two under the guise of another scam and well, Manley is a rock and a hard place here.

Manley makes the call, but the two are interrupted by a masked group. Faye tries to keep Manley quiet, but he won’t stop talking and eventually gets taken hostage with another girl. Tough luck, Faye. She waits quietly while the Callisto Liberation Front’s leader (Adrienne Barbeau) rambles on about their cause and environmentalism. It seems like a rag-tag group, but they make some serious threats. And when the leader decides it’s time to pollinate Manley, he tries to fight back and the little bomb goes flying and we watch a woman turn into a tree. The special effects team did great in this scene—chef’s kiss.

Seeing that their plan has failed, the members of the Callisto Liberation Front make a break for it with Manley in tow. Faye tries to grab him, but a shot in her shoulder knocks her down for a bit. It seems that isn’t the end of Faye’s lousy luck. By the time she makes it outside, she realizes that the ecoterrorists are hijacking her ship and managing to get away. And here come the opening credits. If you skipped them, Callisto Liberation Front will turn you into a tree. Sorry, I don’t make the rules here.

Callisto Soul picks back up at a diner with Spike and Jet (Mustafa Shakir). And as a proud New Jersian who loves diner food, I will ignore Spike’s attitude toward it. Our poor bounty hunters (and not poor because we feel bad for them … they really are lacking some woolong) manage to get a deal on dinner, which Jet needs because Spike has been so moody these last few weeks. Must be something about having to go all sniper on his old friend who tried to kill him. But, what do we know? Jet tries to lighten the mood a bit by talking about the addictive cheesy bread and bidets in the bathroom.

The charming conversation comes to a screeching halt when Faye pops in, downs Spike’s beer and tells them all about the gas that turns people into trees. Faye knows that this is going to be big when it finally hits the news. She needs them to help her out with a ride and then they can split the reward. Honestly, if I hadn’t seen the opening of this episode, I would have thought Faye was high too. But just as Jet and Spike are laughing it off, the news on the ecoterrorists breaks. It looks like the guys can’t turn her away now. Also, let it be known that I will also be adding nutbags to my dictionary.

The Callisto Liberation Front members meet up with their leader (referred to as Mother), who, rightfully, rips into them for their botched mission. Killing the CEO meant that she had to call the headquarters herself and got put on hold. Travesty really. I bet their hold music sucked. While Mother is ripping into Harrison (Amelia Reid-Meredith), Manley’s phone starts to ring again. This only makes Mother angrier at the thought of a hostage. But, Mother seems to have things handled and has acquired missiles. From dad? That doesn’t sound good at all. She leaves Harrison to deal with Manley and the advice “what would Mother do?”

Daniella Pineda as Faye Valentine in Cowboy Bebop.

Daniella Pineda as Faye Valentine in Cowboy Bebop. Image courtesy of Netflix.

Back on the Bebop, Jet and the others are going over the bounty details. Mother’s real name is Maria Murdock and she has quite the rap sheet. A rather cheeky inside joke passes between Spike and Jet before Faye begins tracking her ship and the Murdocks. But, she is sidetracked by Ein. Because, of course, she is. We all are. Faye tries to think about how much Ein would be worth or how tasty he would be, but Jet puts a stop to those thoughts. Spike manages to use this moment to grab Faye’s tracker quickly and makes his way to the cockpit with Jet.

I love Faye, but if she calls Ein ugly again, she’s out.

Spike lets Jet know that he isn’t thrilled with the idea of working with Faye and the Asimov case is a pretty good reason. They don’t need her since he has the coordinates now. But it seems Faye is two steps ahead of them and has snatched Spike’s ship and Jet’s dog. Serves them right. Faye pokes around inside the Swordfish II to try and turn off the tracking and Ein hits one button and it’s down. Smart dog.

Callisto Soul jumps over to Julia (Elena Satine) and Vicious (Alex Hassell), who fills her in on his plan to take down The Elders with an all-out war. He is sending her off-planet while everything goes down. I wonder if this also has to do with a certain ghost from his past popping back up. Julia is right to be worried about the possibility of losing and what could happen to them. She doesn’t seem to be the helpless girl we have seen in the last few episodes. She is cunning and seems to understand what is going on better than we thought. The real question is, is she guiding him to help him or hurt him?

We jump back to Faye, who has arrived at her ship to find it ransacked and Manley turned into a tree. But the phone is really all Faye needs, but it is nowhere to be found. But guess who does manage to find her! Spike and Jet. And they don’t look happy. However, Jet reminds Spike that he promised not to shoot her. On the Bebop, Faye learns that even though she disabled a tracker, it wasn’t all of them. Talk about Spike feeling protective of his baby. The ship, not the dog. And, of course, we get to see Spike in protective mode again as Jet cleans up Faye’s wound.

Another quick laugh about Faye reminding them of the Cosmonaut before they start chatting about what to do with her. Netflix, I am going to need an episode explaining the Cosmonaut. Thanks. Now, back to what to do with Faye. Spike wants to toss her out of the airlock, but Jet has a different idea. First, he is going to feed her the cheesy bread. Then the three of them are going to work together to bring down the Murdocks. Spike isn’t 100% on board, but Jet pulls out the “you know I’m right,” and really, what can he say to that? The problem, however, is that Faye isn’t sure she knows how to track them now that they don’t have her ship.

Callisto Soul shifts to Ana’s Nightclub, where Gren (Mason Alexander Park) is walking a new dancer through how to feel the music. Just before the dancer breaks in half, Julia pops in and draws Gren’s attention. But she isn’t here to see Gren. Julia is here to see Ana (Tamara Tunie). She wants Ana to set up a meeting between Vicious and this Mao individual, but Ana never puts herself in Syndicate business. Julia knows that this is trouble, but it is the only way for her to be safe and doesn’t give Ana any more information to protect her as well.

John Cho as Spike Spiegel and Mustafa Shakir as Jet Black in Cowboy Bebop.

John Cho as Spike Spiegel and Mustafa Shakir as Jet Black in Cowboy Bebop. Image courtesy of Netflix.

We jump back to Faye and the others on a rather odd lead. Faye had overheard the Callisto Liberation Front tell each other not to be “such a Howard.” Which, of course, turns out to be a reference to Maria’s ex-husband, who also works for the company Maria is going after. Seems like a pretty good lead to me. As Faye is arguing for her gun back, the group finds themselves in the middle of another messy situation. The Murdocks have beat them to Howard and he is now a tree. Then sirens and we know that sirens are never good. Faye is really going to need that gun now.

We finally get to learn what missiles Maria was talking about. And it seems like she is set on turning everyone on Callisto into a weeping willow. So, of course, Jet and Spike head down to handle the missiles and do the good guy thing while Faye heads off to nab the bounty. Cue some pretty funky music as Faye goes head to head with Harrison. Things are looking good for Faye. That is until she spots Manley’s phone. Harrison uses the moment to hit a low blow and head off running to Maria and the ship. The two manage to make it out of there and leave the other two guys behind.

Faye heads off after them in her ship while Spike and Jet sneak towards the missiles. In space, Faye gets a call from Manley’s contact and pretends to play his part. She decides to follow that lead instead and drops chase with Maria. Back on the planet, Spike and Jet manage to stop the missiles right before they go off. Talk about good timing. But Maria doesn’t find it too funny and drops a missile from her ship. Faye spots it and, after a moment, decides to do the right now and heads down after it. Of course, this means she lets up her ruse of being Manley and her fake mother realizes and hangs up.

Spike and Jet spot the missile come through with Faye close behind it. She manages to collide with it, which sends her plummeting towards the ground. As she is spiraling out of control, she leaves a message for whoever finds her first with her cryogenic number but then that she is Faye Valentine. She keeps repeating it until the screen turns black.

Up in space, Maria cries over the idea of being sent to prison, where she will spend the rest of her days in a 12-foot cell. But Harrison has other plans and she isn’t about to spend the rest of her life locked up with Mother. She grabs one of the bombs and pops it open, turning Maria into a tree.

The screen goes back to black and then we hear a slurping sound and as Faye opens her eyes, we see that she isn’t dead after all. And Ein has taken quite the liking to her. Spike fills her in on how they followed the smoke and that she is lucky to be alive. He also gives her a piece of advice. When you’ve lost your entire life, just start building a new one. Seems familiar, doesn’t it? Spike also lets her know that Jet is the one she should be thanking and that he will let her stay on the Bebop until she gets her life back in order.

Callisto Soul comes to a close with Faye trying to get Spike to finally tell her who the Cosmonaut is. No such luck and now Netflix needs to do an entirely new series explaining that.

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I know I said that the last episode was one of my favorites, but Callisto Soul clearly just beat it out. I’ve got a feeling I am going to be saying that quite a bit, honestly. But as a massive fan of Faye, this episode was hers. We get the chance to learn more about her past (or at least what she knows so far) and what journey she is on. And while amnesia and being conned after just waking up from being asleep for who knows how long can carry some pretty severe scars, this episode wasn’t dragged down by the intensity. In fact, she carries herself in such a way that gives her an air of “I don’t care” mixed with being a badass. I’m excited to dive more into her story throughout the season.

I also love the way Spike, Jet and Faye interact. Cho, Shakir and Pineda are marvelous in their roles and the way they bring their characters to life and how they interact with each other is top-notch. It helps to not only enhance the story but bring the comedy to the next level. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to be a part of their little crew! The inside jokes are funny and we don’t even know the context! We are just shy of halfway through the first season. And I am hoping that this is just the first season. We haven’t heard (at the time of me writing this) if we will get another season. But I am hoping that Netflix will really take their time exploring these characters. Now let’s get ready to dive into episode five!

But first! We have to know, what do you think the Cosmonaut story is about? Let us know in the comments below and on social media!

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