Fave Quote: I actually like pleating. There’s math.


Trenell is back! It’s episode 17 of The Cosplay Show and Trenell Mooring has decided she is going to Dragon Con – which of course is no surprise. There’s also no surprise that there are 11 days until the best cosplay con in the world takes place in Atlanta and Trenell has given herself a mighty hard chore list of what she needs to get done. But we’ve seen Trenell do this before and she always comes through – as she says herself, she works “best under duress.”

In this episode, Trenell announces that she will make three costumes over the next eleven days – these garments are in addition to all the alterations she must do to her existing costumes. She takes us to London to look at a beautiful dress she came across and tells how she’s going to take that dress and do a marvelous mash-up. You have to check it out.

So, let’s cheer her on to Dragon Con! Trenell, YOU CAN DO EET!!!

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