“Not Okay” opens where the winter finale of Conviction ended. After the unsuccessful conclusion of the Earl Slavitt case, a highly emotional DA Connor Wallace (Eddie Cahill) and Hayes Morrison (Hayley Atwell) finally ended up in bed together. However, as the passion of the evening gives way to the reality of the next day, Hayes still has a job to do. And Wallace is still her boss.

The next morning, Hayes returns to the CIU Offices. She is ready to tackle a new case, and wipe the events of the last episode from her mind. As the team gathers, Hayes proposes the case of Sophie Hausen (Jordan Hayes). Sophie is a college girl, currently serving a life sentence for the murder of college basketball star Travis Carter. It seems that not only did Sophie have a motive, but she had no alibi, and her DNA was on the murder weapon. However, this is a personal case for Hayes. While the murder seems to be a given, there is one complicating factor. Travis raped Sophie mere weeks before the shooting.

Later, Hayes questions Sophie in prison. The girl recounts her excitement at getting a date with the campus basketball star. However, as soon as they started to dance, she felt dizzy. He had been plying her with drinks the entire night. The next thing Sophie remembered, she was naked and bleeding in his bed. Eventually, Sophie decided to report the assault. However, nothing happened. In fact, she could only watch as Travis maintained all his social status, while she became a campus pariah.

Meanwhile, Sam (Shawn Ashmore) and Maxine (Merrin Dungey) leave to question one of the detectives (Martin Roach) who investigated Travis’ murder. While they talk, they discover that the man also worked on Sophie’s sexual assault case. However, there is a general lack of urgency from the Detective when the subject turns to Sophie’s rape. He repeatedly tells the team that Sophie waited two weeks to report the crime, and even implies that she only pressed charges after Travis called her a “lousy lay”.

While the team splits into groups, Frankie’s (Manny Montana) job is to look into the DNA evidence. He examines the reports, and discovers that the techs didn’t run all the protocols. He describes it to Hayes as, “The difference between a Camaro with a specific color and license plate, to any Camaro”. It seems that Sophie might actually be innocent.

Later, Hayes sends Frankie and Tess (Emily Kinney) to investigate the crime scene. While they stage the events surrounding the shooting, they quickly determine that it would have been virtually impossible for the shooter to escape cleanly. Not only would Travis’ housemates have discovered the shooter on the way out, but there would have also been a trail of feathers leading out the door. As they look out the window, that wasn’t an option either. The fence surrounding the fraternity house is lined with barbed wire.

It turns out that not only had Travis raped Sophie, but thanks to the admission of rape crisis counselor Elyse Salmon,(Melanie Nicholls-King), they learn that he assaulted a number of other women. Suddenly, there’s plenty of doubt cast on Sophie’s conviction. As the team investigate the other women, they all tell a similar story to Sophie’s. However, due to what happened to her, none of the women reported Travis. While all of the women admit they wanted to report their assaults, none came forward due to how the University treated Sophie.

However, as the CIU team continues, they find themselves unable to find a solid suspect. Each person who falls into their pool of interest quickly alibi’s out.

While Hayes stares at a pile of case documents, she suddenly has an epiphany. The rape crisis counselor. Could Elyse have murdered Travis?

Hayes goes to speak with Elyse, and is easily able to secure her confession. Since the University wasn’t doing anything, she took matters into her own hands. Elyse killed Travis, because he wasn’t going to stop. Consequently, the CIU team has another successful result. Hayes and Maxine watch proudly as Sophie leaves the prison accompanied by the four other victims.

As the episode comes to a close, Hayes goes to Wallace. She wants them to try the whole relationship thing again. While neither knows how they will do that, they don’t care. They kiss as the credits roll.

Conviction airs Sunday nights at 10/9c on your local ABC affiliate.

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