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Another week ends, and with that, viewers are greeted with another new episode of Constantine. If you haven’t been keeping track at this point, this is the 7th episode of the freshmen series. There’s just only a few more to go before it falls into the deep abyss of hiatus, which is where NBC will decide whether or not they want to continue on with the series after all. It’s a sad thought, but if worse does come to worse, then you better sit in front of that television on Friday nights and soak up as much Constantine time as you can.

‘Blessed are the Damned’ begins with a hesitant preacher (Patrick Carroll) who thinks he can’t live up to the kind of reputation his father has with the congregation. There’s only one way he can sway them, and that’s through making a big show out of it with the poisonous snakes. Even though he’s fearing for his life, the preacher decides to show off the slithery friends and inevitably gets bit by one. The preacher dies for a moment, but then miraculously comes back to life. There’s something odd glowing in his hand, but whatever it is has the incredible power to heal people. It even manages to grow a leg back on an amputee in front of the congregation’s eyes. Suddenly everyone is on the new preacher bandwagon, and he feels incredibly confident with the power that rests in that mysterious object.

Back over in some random part of the country, Zed (Angélica Celaya) is busy honing her art skills when she suddenly gets a vision of snakes surrounding her feet. She automatically freaks out and disrupts the whole class, but it’s all good. For some reason the model of the real life drawing art class isn’t phased by it at all and asks for her phone number. Who knew acting like somebody who’s seeing things could get phone numbers from others?

Zed hops over to Constantine’s dark headquarters and insists that they figure out what’s going on with that weird snake vision. It leads them all the way over to a small church in the South where our preacher has been getting a lot of attention from other religious folk. The word spread very quickly that the amputee got his leg back through his healing powers, and there are many ill folk ready to get the same sort of treatment from his magical touch. Constantine isn’t really amused with what’s going on at this church, especially once he catches wind of the angelic language that’s being muttered out of the preacher’s mouth.

Back in the other end of town there’s something weird going on with the former amputee. He’s sweating bullets as the doctor does an examination of his leg. Once the doctor gets a closer look at his eyes, they go red and the former amputee becomes bloodthirsty. After he rips the doctor apart he runs out, ready to claw his way through another victim.

In some ways Constantine takes a back seat in this episode as Zed takes center stage once again. Her character really starts to get even more attention once she goes up to the preacher and touches his hands, eager to see how he first got the powers. In the blink of an eye she’s mesmerized by his vision as she sees her first glimpse of an angel. But there’s nothing angelic about what’s going on with the former amputee as he continues to kill innocent people, gradually making his way back to the church.

Constantine is instantly agitated when Zed starts asking a lot of questions about angels. She really wants to see Manny (Harold Perrineau) one day, but it’s not Constantine’s choice to decide whether or not Zed will see the angel. Either way he pops up, drops in another obvious hint and is on his way. Constantine and the audience at this point should be equally annoyed at Manny. He’s more of an observer than anything else, which isn’t exactly his choice, so when bad stuff starts going down he can’t do anything about it. At least he’s able to give Constantine and Zed a big enough hint to help them track down another angel (Megan West).

The two find Imogen, an angel who’s gradually dying thanks to the preacher. When he was on the brink of death, he managed to pull a feather from her wing. Now she’s trapped in the mortal realm and doomed to die, that is unless Zed and Constantine can retrieve the feather in time. Meanwhile the preacher is ostracizing his only family member, drunk on power.

The time that Constantine and Zed have to go and grab the feather is dwindling, so their best bet is to go back to the church and weasel their way in. Constantine goes for the more direct approach, trying to explain what kind of power it is and how dangerous it could be to a mere mortal. Sadly Constantine can’t get his hands on it thanks to some holy force field, which automatically puts him on the bad side of said preacher. That’s all right though, because Zed is going to smooth talk her way into the retrieval game, so long as she can keep away from the fiendish ghouls that exist due to the preacher’s powers.

Meanwhile Manny is getting closer to the angel, asking her a bunch of questions on what it’s like feeling mortal. At least the angel won’t be mortal for that much longer as Zed gets her hands on the feather and running off with it. When the ghouls try to attack her, this weird rave-like music starts to kick in. It’s a really strange choice and almost takes you completely out of the scene. Thankfully viewers aren’t in it for too long as Constantine and the preacher end up back at the church, trying their best to stay away from the ghouls.

Now Zed has to run over to the angel, make sure she’s still alive and put the feather back in her wing. But while Constantine and the preacher are trying to ward off the ghouls, the preacher reveals that he killed a man. His soul was actually going to hell, which means the angel waiting for them is tricking them all. The angel isn’t good but pure evil, and Zed is about to fall into it’s trap.

The supposed angel was beginning to slip and show her true colors to Manny, but before she did Zed showed up just in time with the feather. The big reveal of the fallen angel is a pretty cool mixture of special effects and camera work. They’ve never faced anything this powerful before, and this fallen angel is desperate to go out into the mortal world and wreak all sorts of havoc. The fallen angel gets her hand around Zed’s neck, seconds away from killing her. Constantine begs Manny to finally stop sitting in the sidelines and save his friend. Now we know that Constantine has some power, but he’s still nowhere near strong enough to kill this creature on his own. Thankfully Manny surprises everyone by quickly jumping into Zed’s body and ripping the heart out of the fallen angel.

Everyone is safe and things go back to normal. The ghouls have been cleansed of the evil energy and are now normal humans who can’t kill others with supernatural powers. Meanwhile Zed is taking a nice long bath after having another close brush with death. She receives a call from the real life art model at the beginning of the episode, canceling on their possible dinner date. It’s a good thing she didn’t show up, because the possible date has ulterior motives for getting close to Zed. It looks like her past is finally catching up with her, but what that entails we don’t know just yet.

It really doesn’t make sense as to why the preacher is still alive at the end of this episode. He only was able to retrieve the feather when his soul was about to be brought to hell. Maybe he got some sort of deal where he could live a little bit longer, but it just doesn’t make sense. Also Constantine appeared a little more irritable than normal. The writing in the episode is decent but just felt a little off for the main characters. At least it was still a lot of fun while going through it.

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