Hot on the heels of getting more information on the upcoming Final Fantasy XV Season Pass, Square Enix said it will consider adding playable female characters to a future DLC.

During an interview with JeuxVideo (via IGN), Final Fantasy XV producer, Haruyoshi Sawatari was asked if there were any plans to add playable female characters in later DLCs.  His response: if there is enough interest they will consider it.

OK, well that isn’t a yes but it isn’t a hard no either, I’ll take it!

For those that may be unaware, Final Fantasy XV follows the exploits of Noctis and his three very best friends, Gladio, Ignis, and Prompto.  The story revolves around those four, dubbed the Final Fantasy boy band, and the announced Season Pass DLCs feature stand along stories for Gladio, Ignis, and Prompto.  Unfortunately, based on everything that’s been announced to date, there are no playable female characters anywhere.

Let me be clear here, there are female characters in the game.  The main female protagonist is Lunafreya, betrothed to Noctis, and the one featured most heavily in all gameplay and promotional materials.  There are a few other supporting female characters, although none of them are playable, Gentiana, Cindy Aurum, Iris Amicitia, and Aranea Highwind.

I assume Lunafreya and Aranea would be the best choices for any future DLCs.  Lunafreya because she is featured prominently in the story and Aranea who is a military leader for the opposing force.  Those two would provide an interesting contrast to one another so I would be happy with either one making it into their own DLC.  Honestly, I would like each to get their own DLC, please!


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