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Our pal, comic book writer Dan Corey and his DangerKatt Creative Studios have been named a top 100 virtual reality influencer by Onalytica. That is such a great honor and what a way to be included on the forefront of the comics future! Congrats Dan!

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Here’s the press release with all the goodness that DangerKatt deserves! Please, please, please stop by Twitter and give them a follow!

Top-ranking social media analytics site Onalytica recognized Daniel Corey and DangerKatt Creative Studio’s contribution to the burgeoning world of Virtual Reality when they released their list of Top 100 VR Influencers last Thursday, May 12th. DangerKatt was ranked #2 among many luminaries in the industry.

Onalytica quoted Corey as saying: “My company, DangerKatt, focuses primarily on creating graphic novels and developing their transmedia potential. Virtual Reality is opening up an entirely fresh avenue of ideation, where we can create storyworlds in traditional media and then use VR to immerse ourselves in those worlds. Whether you’re playing a VR game based on one of our books, or actually walking through the pages of a storytelling experience, VR is giving us revolutionary and unique ways to showcase and expand our properties.”

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DangerKatt recently collaborated with Australian-based developer Transmedia Entertainment to produce the MORIARTY: ENDGAME Virtual Reality Experience, a VR app that allows users to enter the panels of the original comic story written by Daniel Corey, drawn by Anthony Diecidue, and published by Image Comics (THE WALKING DEAD, SAGA). MORIARTY: ENDGAME VR was demonstrated at the WonderCon 2016 convention in Los Angeles, and was Yirst reported on by this past March.

A full consumer version of MORIARTY VR is now in the works, and DangerKatt’s Corey teases that there will be more VR based on DangerKatt properties in the near future: “You just might be stepping onto another world with some DangerKatt heroes soon.”

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Praise for MORIARTY:

“To me, the book is what I imagine Kubrick’s take on Holmes lore might be…” —The Daily BLAM!

“Daniel Corey not only gives us a fresh and fascinating take on one of the most legendary villains in literary history, but he does it with such skill that you’ll Yind yourself rooting for the ‘bad guy.’ An absolute ‘must read!’”

—Jenna Busch (Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Legion of Leia)

“MORIARTY is such a brilliant mix of villain and hero living in the same character’s heart. A fresh, sympathetic, witty, action-packed exploration of a literary Yigure who lived in the shadows…until now.”

—Doug Jones (Star of Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth, F4: Rise of the Silver Surfer)