Another day, another post from the upcoming Wolverine sequel simply titled Logan. We’ve seen quite a bit from this Instagram account, named wponx. That’s where we got our first look at Stephen Merchant as Caliban, where we first learned that Boyd Holbrook’s character was the cyborg Donald Pierce and it’s where we got confirmation that the film took place in a future where the mutant population has most definitely dwindled for some reason.

And just yesterday, we got our latest picture that shows actress Dafne Keen. The picture is simply titled, Laura, confirming all of the rumors that this film would see Logan (Hugh Jackman) watching over his very own mutant clone, X-23, whose real name is Laura Kinney.


A photo posted by @wponx on

To be fair, this is not actually our first look at Ms. Keen as Laura Kinney, as we saw her in the trailer that hit our screens last week. The difference here is that we’ve finally got confirmation that her name is “Laura.”


And just who is Laura “X-23” Kinney?

She was first introduced in the 2004 comic, NYX, as the 23rd attempt at cloning Wolverine from samples of his DNA. From there, she’s gone on to join the X-Men team and eventually take over the mantle of Wolverine once the original Wolverine died. As a clone of Wolverine, she has a very strong mutant healing factor, has heightened senses, is incredibly strong and agile and, of course, has two claws that pop out of her wrists. And also her feet.

She grows up to be every bit as bad ass as Wolverine, but she has to start somewhere, and it appears that that somewhere is in this film.

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