ap120327147274James Horner, the legendary composer of some of the most memorable soundtracks of our time has sadly, passed away. The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Mr. Horner died in a plane crash outside of Santa Barbara and that he was indeed, the pilot.

This is heartbreaking news. At the time it is rumored that he was working on the next couple of Avatar movies with James Cameron, and currently, has three films coming out, Southpaw, The 33 and Wolf  Totem. 

The depth of this mans career and the impact it has had on all of us, maybe even without us knowing, is astounding.

Highlights of his illustrious career include Titanic, for which her won two Oscars, one for original score and the other of original song (My Heart Will Go On),  An American Tail, A Beautiful Mind, Aliens, Field Of Dreams, Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan, Star Trek III: The Search For Spock, Jumanji, Braveheart, The Mask Of Zorro, The Amazing Spider-Man, Field Of Dreams, Patriot Games, Glory, Cocoon, Krull, Deep Impact, Mighty Joe Young, Courage Under Fire, Willow, Legends Of The Fall…I mean, I can’t keep going. It’s making me too upset. But honestly, if you think that he hasn’t influenced you that much or maybe you’re unsure of what you might know him from, look here.

I listened to Braveheart and Legends Of The Fall, repeatedly. Those cd’s were in my cd case at all times. I knew and still know every single song in An American Tailask me I’ll sing to you at any time.

I recently had the conversation that no one made memorable soundtracks anymore. A soundtrack used to be able to stand on it’s own. Without even watching the movie it belonged too, you could listen to it and see the movie, remember what was going on in your life concurrently and feel all of those feelings. He was one of the greats. He accomplished that every time! James Horner was the exception. Most of the movies he scored, personally, had a great affect.

In addition to winning two Oscarswas nominated for an additional eight Oscars, he was also the recipient of  two Golden Globe Awards, three Satellite Awards, three Saturn Awards, and has been nominated for three British Academy Film Awards.

May you Rest In Peace, Mr. Horner. And while we grieve, we will always have your wonderful spirit through your music. Thank you.


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