In probably the most intelligent decision in movie news we will be getting today, Peacock has announced that they are bringing the Emmy Award-winning, critically-acclaimed series Community to the big little screen. That’s right – #AndAMovie is officially happening.

The Community film will see the return of Joel McHale, Danny Pudi, Alison Brie, Gillian Jacobs, Jim Rash and Ken Jeong. McHale will also be serving as the executive producer as well. They aren’t the only ones returning. Series creator Dan Harmon and executive producer Andrew Guest will be attached to the film.

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Community original was released in 2009 on NBC and ran for 110 episodes over six seasons. Early in the run, the show gave birth to the cheeky quote, “six seasons and a movie.” But fans of the series didn’t let this idea go and have rallied over the years to make the quote come true. NBCUniversal Television and Streaming Chairman of Entertainment Content Susan Rovner shared, “We are incredibly grateful that 15 years later, we are able to deliver fans this promised movie and can’t wait to get to work with Dan Harmon, Andrew Guest, Joel McHale, Sony and our partners at UTV to continue this epic comedy for Peacock audiences.”

So, what will the Community movie bring? Tons of laughs and a whole hell of a lot of community. The current description is as accurate to the series as it can be. “Community Movie: from the TV series that predicted its own movie, comes the least predictable movie of a TV series that referenced a lot of movies and TV.” Honestly, we all know they could keep this description, and we would all be binging it when it drops.

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The big question of the day is when will the Community movie drop. And unfortunately, we don’t have an answer as of yet. But hey, just knowing we are getting a movie has us on the edge of our seats. Peacock also announced that fans will be able to binge the series on the streaming service. So, now is the perfect time to relive the funny moments or join the best community out there. Are you excited that #AndAMovie is coming true? Let us know in the comments below and on social media!

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