Merry Happy, Greendalians! Non-denominational Mr. Winter will soon be making his rounds, but you can beat him to the punch by snagging some “streets ahead” Community gifts for your Human Being! We’ve got a lovely list of wonderful artists, creators and small vendors that sell all the Greendale goodies one could ever want. Your Human Being will be cooler than the Cool Cats. That’s a Winger guarantee.

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Finally — a graduation certificate for “Learning!”
Greendale Community College graduation certificate inspired by Community. Available on Etsy.

“Look, ma! I did it!” John Alex Smith exclaimed to his bewildered mother.

Give your Human Being the gift of accomplishment with this bona fide, 100 percent legitimate Greendale Community College graduation certificate! You can even have it personalized! Now, a physical copy won’t be sent to you, but RandomPrintsandGifts on Etsy will email you a virtual one for printing. All you need to do is add your Human Being’s name, their degree and the email address to which the final product will be sent. Maybe your Greendalian majored in Grifting, which is verifiably streets ahead of Ladders. Take that, John Alex Smith! 

You can purchase the graduation certificate here

For more than just a rainy day…
Community coloring and activity book. Sold on Etsy.

“I’m a Peanut Bar, and I’m here to say, I fully endorse being on the cover of a coloring book!”

Does your Human Being love coloring? Do they also love partaking in the activity exclusively on rainy days? Then they’re in luck! PizzaEaters has a fantastic handmade coloring book available through their store on Etsy. You can color in your favorite members of The Greendale Seven and beyond. Additionally, there are puzzles to complete if that’s your jam. Coloring and puzzling, for rainy days and non-rainy days too. Your Human Being will certainly be putting that coloring degree courtesy of Greendale to good use. 

You can buy the Community coloring book here

Cool. Cool cool cool. 
8-bit print of Troy and Abed from Community. Sold on Society6.

Troy and Abed are in 8-bit!

Troy and Abed in a print! What more could your Human Being want? This particular print consists of our favorite best friends in 8-bit form, with Abed stating his signature “Cool. Cool cool cool,” catchphrase. Both characters are on a periwinkle background. It comes in five different sizes. The print was inspired by Community‘s Season Three episode, “Digital Estate Planning.” You can find it in artist Uwaki‘s store on Society6. Bonus: this item is 50 percent off today, so snag one soon!

You can buy the Troy and Abed 8-bit print here

Troy and Abed in the morning … cup of joe. 
Troy and Abed in the Morning coffee mug inspired by Community. Sold on Etsy.

Watch your favorite TV show while drinking coffee from a mug featuring your favorite TV show which is a show within a show. Trippy.

Has your Human Being always pined for the “Troy and Abed in the Morning” mug famously featured on the show that the Today series wishes it could be? Well, now they can sip a steamy cup of joe from their very own Troy and Abed in the Morning ceramic mug! Said mug sports our titular hosts Troy and Abed with “Troy & Abed In The Morning” emblazoned beneath them and a sun pattern in the background. PeachieandTink sells this beloved Community-inspired piece in their store on Etsy. Fun fact: I own this mug and it’s simply the best. Better than all the rest. 

You can purchase the Troy and Abed mug here

Catch knowledge!
Greendale STD Fair t-shirt as seen in Community. Sold on TeePublic.

Transport yourself back to the STD Fair that brought the Greendale student body closer together than ever before!

Many folks caught more than knowledge at Greendale’s famous STD Fair from 2009. Thankfully, your Human Being can live vicariously through the experience without actually experiencing the experience. Experience! Gift them with this fabulous t-shirt, the very same one that Annie Edison donned in Community‘s first season episode, “Politics of Human Sexuality.” It’s like your Human Being is actually there, but not! Here’s another fun fact: I own this t-shirt. It rules. RetroFreak has the shirt available for purchase in their TeePublic store. 

You can buy the Greendale STD Fair t-shirt here

Troy and Abed shooting lava!
Community 8-bit coasters. Sold on Etsy.

Me so 8-bit! Me so coasters!

The 8-bit retro lovefest continues! If your Human Being is a fan of the two Cs, otherwise known as coasters and Community, then they’ll surely dig these sweet handmade coasters inspired by “Digital Estate Planning.” Unfortunately, Journey to the Center of Hawkthorne isn’t included. Now, each coaster bears the face of a Community character in 8-bit form. Besides The Greendale Seven, your Human Being can own Dean Pelton, Chang, Elroy, Frankie and the official Human Being mascot as a coaster. Additionally, you can choose between sets of four, six, seven, eight, 10 and all 12. But hurry! There’s only a few left. LittleOrangeOwl sells them in their store. 

You can purchase the 8-bit coasters here

Paintball’s most formidable threat.
Throw pillow featuring Chang from Community. Sold on Redbubble.

Any room for a little spare Chang throw pillow?

Does your Human Being have room in their house for a little spare Chang throw pillow? This exquisite creation boasts Chang in his element. He’s brandishing a paintball gun while donning shades and looking positively deadly. The still is from the Community Season One episode, “Modern Warfare.” Your Human Being can Chang up their living space with this Chang-glorious pillow. Sorenjx has this item available in their store on Redbubble. 

You can buy the throw pillow here

You can put a table on your phone?
iPhone case with the study room table from Community. Sold on Redbubble.

The table to end all tables.

What’s cooler than a phone case? A Community phone case! This particular iPhone case features the famous table from study room f at Greendale Community College. The table that launched the legendary Greendale Seven into the stratosphere. The table that united a group of misfits that hardly ever studied Spanish when they were supposed to. Also, the table on which Britta and Jeff forked. It’s a legacy, people! The phone case sports the study room table with a blue backdrop. Said table holds Jeff’s phone, Annie’s binder/purple pen, Shirley’s Bible, Pierce’s glasses, Troy’s massive half-eaten cookie, Abed’s evil beards and Britta’s bag-uls. It’s glorious. HungryTenor sells this “streets ahead” phone case in their store on Redbubble. 

You can purchase the phone case here

Featuring: Annie and Annie’s Boobs (the monkey). 
Print featuring Annie from Community. Sold on Redbubble.

It’s not an Annie. It’s a principle!

Ah, the Annie of it all! If your Human Being is a fan of Greendale’s brightest student, then they’ll dig this gorgeous print of Annie Edison. She’s donning her Western getup from Season Two’s paintball installments. “The Day Planner” is scrawled above her head with Annie’s Boobs (the monkey) on each side. MeganLaraArt is the originator of your Human Being’s new favorite wall art, and you can find it in her store on Etsy. Can of beans not included. 

You can buy this Annie print here

Too cool for school. 
Greendale Community College sweatshirt. Sold on TeePublic.

Only the finest Greendalians can buy.

Now, your Human Being can look like a genuine community college student with this very official Greendale hoodie! Even the flag emblem that states the school’s motto, “E Pluribus Anus,” is front and center. The sweatshirt also comes in multiple colors and styles. You can choose between the lightweight and classic zip hoodies as well as the lightweight and classic pullover hoodies. Personally, I’d go for the classic pullover. Thicker material is best to keep out the chill of the encroaching winter. Your Human Being will be the coolest kid in the greater western three-quarters of the Greendale area in this snazzy sweatshirt. Greendale pride! RetroFreak has these in their store on TeePublic. 

You can purchase this hoodie here

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