Arc Games and Perfect World recently announced that Star Trek Online players will be able to 3D print their starships starting in March. The news comes via a blog post on the Arc Games website.

Through a partnership with Mixed Dimensions, players will be able to custom create their 3D starship based on the ones they have in-game or they can choose from any one of the 20 classic starships. Over 500 playable starships will be available to print, and the print will include ship names, colors, and shield skins. Players will also be able to use the parts available through the ship tailor.

“We are absolutely elated to expand Star Trek Online to the physical universe. Our new partnership with Mixed Dimensions will allow our community to immortalize their favorite starships. We can’t wait to see the reaction from our captains when the first wave of ships begins to roll out,” Star Trek Online Executive Producer Stephen Ricossa said in a statement.

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In order to purchase a 3D printed ship, players will need to access the Mixed Dimensions GamePrint website. From there they will be given a few purchase options including having a master artist hand paint a 12” high-end version of their starship. The ships will also be available in a single color or pre-primed which players can paint themselves.

There is no information yet on how much these figures will cost, but more details will be available soon. You can see an example of a 3D-printed Pathfinder in the Gallery.

This is an incredible option for the dedicated Star Trek Online fans. It is not uncommon for players to spend hours customizing their starships so to be able to have a replica of a beloved ship is fantastic. The idea of 3D printed video game figures isn’t entirely new; World of Warcraft gave players the option to 3D print their characters using FingerPrints. But these are starships, and therefore are just a little bit better.


[Photos courtesy of Arc Games and Perfect World]


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