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Batman #78 was released by DC Comics this past week with the issue being written by Tom King. King will be moving off of his current title Batman and over to a newly created series to finish off his storyline entitled, Batman/Catwoman, beginning in January.

The issue is part of the City of Bane storyline and continues the main narrative of King’s run, the relationship between Batman (Bruce Wayne) and Catwoman (Selina Kyle) and the effect that Bane has on it. SPOILERS AHEAD! They begin by discussing their relationship as they are on a beach, for those that don’t know a few issues back they were supposed to be married but Selina didn’t show for the wedding. Check out Batman #50 for that story.

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Selina is wondering how Bruce has been doing, and in typical brooding fashion he insists that everything is fine. Later Selina mentions that she still has his ring and would like to return it. Bruce doesn’t want it back and tells her it’s hers. As fun as it is to see them explore painful emotional territory it seems to be dragged out a bit although i’m heavily invested at this point in the run.

After they have a brief confrontation towards the end of the issue the two agree that it’s best to leave the situation where it is, with things being over between them. After a few moments they decide that isn’t possible and they issue ends as they kiss.

Overall it wasn’t a bad issue, however it definitely felt like it was a filler issue making us wait for the inevitable confrontation with Bane. Batman and Catwoman are more than likely going to end up together despite what happened previously, but Selina would have to accept that Bruce can be both happy and be Batman at the same time, and I’m not sure that she is convinced yet.

Batman #78 is out in comic book stores now, Batman #79 comes out next week on Wednesday, September 18th.

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