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Comic-Con 2016: Who won?

Lots of stuff happened at San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) this year. (That is an understatement) Castings, trailers, teasers, announcements, so much news. I am going to focus on comic book related movies and television.

May contain spoilers (duh!)


Marvel started with the announcement that Brie Larson would be Captain Marvel. Huge news that I think everyone sort of already knew. (At least nerds like me who follow casting news).

Marvel also had a couple of trailers drop in Hall H on Saturday. Doctor Strange is the only one released to the public. The trailer was insane. So perfect. It was exactly what fans of Doctor Strange would want without scaring away the casual movie fan.

Read GGA’s breakdown of the trailer, here. 

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 and Spiderman also had teaser trailers released but unfortunately they were not released to the public. James Gunn (Director of GotGv2) said the trailer was not polished and did not want it to be released to the public, just yet. I can only assume that Spiderman was in a similar situation. Fortunate for us there are descriptions of what we missed online: Spiderman: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Homecoming Sequels Could Follow a Sophomore, Junior, Senior Route. Here’s the GOTG2 trailer description.

Marvel TV did a great job at their panel on Thursday, especially Netflix Marvel. Luke Cage, Iron Fist and The Defenders all got teasers. (Some were more of a tease than the others)

Read GGA’s Luke Cage breakdown, here.

Read GGA’s Iron Fist breakdown, here.

Also a season 3 of Daredevil was announced, which was my favorite news out of the Netflix announcements.

Now on to my favorite Marvel announcement out of SDCC…A brand new Disney ride! Mission Breakout is a Guardians of the Galaxy themed ride that will be added to Disney Land. You can read more about that awesomeness, here. Looks like I will be making a trip to California in Summer of 2017!


Trailers, trailers, trailers. Trailer galore for DC movies!

Suicide Squad got a final trailer and several character trailers. The trailer shows more Amanda Waller (who is my sleeper hit for this movie) and she is bad… so bad. Just like she should be.

Lego Batman was the next trailer to drop, and although it isn’t in the DCEU (or whatever they keep changing it to) I thought it was worth mentioning.

Now Hall H got 2 giant surprises on Saturday. We got a full Justice League trailer and a Wonder Woman trailer. I, like most people, thought we would get a tease of each, but we got hit with 2 big trailers. They were both amazing. DC heard the complaints with Batman v Superman and really upped their game for these.

Wonder Woman

This trailer was so badass. That is literally the only way I can describe it. Immediately you notice the light colors and tone. Even though Wonder Woman is kicking so much ass in the trailer it still feels lighter and more fun than BvS.

Read GGA’s breakdown of the Wonder Woman trailer, here.

Justice League

Drool. This movie looks like the perfect combination of fun, funny, and action. I was disappointed with BvS (although happier with the Ultimate Edition) and I am completely happy with this trailer. Even if the movie falls short, this trailer is exactly what I wanted and needed. The fact that this trailer exists and it is so light and funny while still being grounded and badass makes me so happy. It was perfect.

Winner: This is a legitimate tough call because Marvel had lots of little things, while DC had a few big things. I would have to give the slight edge to DC. The 3 big trailers we got, made me way more excited than the Marvel news. (especially since most of it wasn’t a surprise)

Honorable Mentions:

Now I know I didn’t cover everything at SDCC so I have a few honorable mentions:

The Walking Dead trailer for season 7 was released and it was awesome! Can’t wait to see how they use the tiger! Read GGA’s breakdown on that trailer, here.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them also got to show off a really cool trailer that got people excited and talking about it. Read GGA’s breakdown on that trailer, here.

Sherlock season 4 got a trailer and it is the furthest thing from comic book movies and television but that show is perfect and I thought it worth mentioning that the trailer was incredible.

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