My fellow Con lovers, the time is here! San Diego Comic-Con has begun and we’re giddy with anticipation. Excitement can run so high that you may forget some crucial items. So here’s an essential survival list. Peruse and make sure to add these items to your con to-do list! And don’t forget to keep your eyes on Geek Girl Authority for all your SDCC coverage!


Okay so this is an easy one to remember, but important! While you’re packing your lightsaber or your life size Tardis replica it’s easy to forget the basics. A toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant and even perfume/cologne for good measure is important. When you’re walking around all day inches from thousands of people you want to smell good (but don’t overwhelm. Seriously)! 


I can’t begin to tell you how crucial this is. It’s easy to brush this one off and say you will just buy them at the con. However when you end up spending all your money on a stuffed Tauntaun you might feel differently. When you’re surrounded by things you nerd out over sometimes food is a second thought. Or maybe you notice the line for a hot dog is a half hour and you have to be at your next panel in ten minutes. Not only is money and time an issue, so is your safety! Every con I see people who pass out from dehydration, you don’t want to be one of them. If you want the best of both worlds pick up a nerdy waterbottle at the con!

Phone Charger/Batteries:

This is probably the most overlooked item.Everyone brings their phone or camera to the convention…But do you remember to charge them? With downtime between panels, taking pictures and texting friends the battery drains fast! Make sure you have a charger so you can show off those pictures and text friends to meet up for lunch


Let me explain this one. You’re on the comic-con floor and all of a sudden your favorite comic book writer walks by. You go to have them sign your comic and…. You don’t have anything for them to sign with. What a bummer that would be! It’s also important to have something to write with for other con essentials. Circling what panels you want to go to, writing down what parking lot you parked it. Remember, the pen is mightier than the sword!

Comfortable Shoes:

I have made the mistake of forgetting this one before. Trust me, you don’t want one of your souvenir’s from the convention to be blisters! I once wore flip flops where the tongs broke an hour into my day. When you’re walking so close to people, you’re bound to get your foot stepped on. Wear comfortable (and durable) shoes so you don’t spend your time worrying about your feet!

Your Best Geek Attire:

This is always the first thing I pack (and the most challenging). Alright, I have 22 Jurassic Park shirts….And five days at the convention.. Finding the perfect nerdy shirt is such a fun chore to have. Take advantage of the community you’re about to be surrounded by. Wear that obscure movie shirt , because people WILL get the reference, and compliment you for it. If you’re cosplaying, don’t forget all the pieces! You wouldn’t want to go as the Mother of Dragons and find out you forgot your wig!


Sorry to be a buzz kill on this one, but let me drop some knowledge. You will come into contact with thousands of people in the course of a day. This means at least some of them are going to be sick. People aren’t going to let a case of the sniffles stop them from going! Plus with all of the walking and late nights your body will be a little weaker than usual. Be prepared with some vitamins, hand sanitizer and Tylenol.

A Bag/Backpack:

Every time I go to conventions I’m the only one in my group who remembers this one. Sure you might not need much going in to the con… But when you bought a ton of souvenir’s and have no where to put them it’s a different story. You can also fit all of the items on this list in a big bag! You may feel like Mary Poppins, but you’ll be glad you brought it.



This is truly a state of mind when going to a con. Wait times are hard and can be frustrating. Walking down the isles to booth shop can feel like you’re stuck in rush hour traffic. Just remember a lot of people come out for these events. I like to remember how lucky I am. I get to go where thousands of people share my love for all things nerdy. Where else can you say that, besides Comic-Con?