DC Comics has released the latest issue of Catwoman, #15 written by Ram V. and illustrated by Mirka Andolof. This Catwoman series began right after the infamous Batman #50, so I suggest you read that issue before diving into this series. Lets get to the issue, Spoilers ahead! 


After meeting the mysterious Karen Rain last issue Selina came across the villain Nobody while doing a job for Ms. Rain. Selina was shot in the back and left for dead in the river but was saved by Gentelman Ghost! The ghost reveals that there is a hit out on her and Selina wants to find out who is behind it. 

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The issue begins with Catwoman bandaging her wounds from the previous issue. The bullet seems to have hit her from behind and exited via her abdomen. After taking care of it Selina is out and about looking for info on her would be assassin. Selina infiltrates a warehouse only to be confronted by Lock-Up, another supervillain who after introducing himself attempts to trap and kill Selina with a pair of grenades. A henchman asks Lock-Up what they should do if the client asks for proof of death, since there wouldn’t be anything left after the grenade explosion. As Lock-Up makes a joke about Schrodinger, Selina’s whip catches his throat from behind and she explains that a part of her both dies and doesn’t when she hears that joke. Selins then hoists him into the air and interrogates him about his employers. 

The next scene shows a group of people discussing the lavish dinner spread laid out before them that costs $5 million a seat. A total of 5 people attended making the dinner cost a total of $25 million dollars and its revealed that the money from said dinner was paying for the contract on Selina’s life. Catwoman enters the lobby of a building only to be confronted by a bodyguard who informs her that the dinner is invite only. Selina isn’t interested in banter and the two have a short fight before the next scene, one that I completely freaked out with joy after reading. 

From inside of the room where the dinner is, the doors suddenly are kicked open and we see smoke and Selina’s silhouette, and she proceeds to give her take on the famous speech given by Bruce during Batman: Year One. After threatening them Selina is on a rooftop reflecting on how she misses Bruce and what he would have to say about her recent actions. She is approached from behind by Karen Rain, the person who had originally hired her, and Ms. Rain pulls out a revolver and puts two bullets into Selina’s back. Only it isn’t Selina! It’s Gentleman Ghost in a catsuit! Selina then appears and tells Karen that she knows she’s an impostor as well as the sniper who had shot her before. The assassin then reveals their true identity, False Face, who is surprised that Selina had figured it out. After he asks her what happens next, Catwoman decides to let him go free, as she is “a sucker for a pretty face on a rainy day.” 


Overall I thought that this was a fantastic issue that was not only extremely well written but also true to the core of the character. Selina has used up way more than the nine lives that cats usually get and this issue shows how she is able to do so. This series seems to be one of the current highlights of the DC Comic line and i’m very excited for the future and to see whats in store for Selina on her solo adventures. As a gigantic fan of Batman: The Animated Series it was great to see Lock-Up make an appearance in this issue, he like the more popular Harley Quinn were both created for the animated show by Paul Dini, but made their way into the comics continuity due to their popularity. 

Catwoman #15 is out in comic book stores now, Catwoman #16 will be released on Wednesday, October 9th.

Catwoman #15

Catwoman #15 Cover Art by Laura Allred



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