Batman #79 was released yesterday by DC Comics and it acts as the culmination of a short two issue interlude in the City of Bane storyline. Written by Tom King with art by Clay Mann this issue is part two of a short story involving Batman, Catwoman , and Bane. Check out our previous review in case you missed that issue, Spoilers ahead!


Bruce and Selina travel together as Bruce recovers from his previous fight with Bane and his father, The Flashpoint Batman. They discuss recent events and where they are in their relationship. They still want to be together but It doesn’t seem that Selina has gotten over her previous reservations.

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Bruce finds Selina sitting on the beach by herself as she looks out over the water at the horizon. They talk about how Magpie is at the same location as them and is going to try and sell her stolen venom in a couple of days. The two continue their conversation later in the day while also reminiscing about their past as they are completing a workout together. Have you ever wondered what these two would even do in order to break a sweat? Well wonder no more as we see Selina planking on Bruce’s back as he is doing one handed push ups. No big deal.

Later Selina explains to Bruce how most people who aren’t from Gotham City feel about it. They see it as a flood of chaos and consistent crime, so what if villains ruin people’s lives non of that matters. She goes on to explain that nobody gives a damn except for them, making it their problem to deal with. The next scene we have a masked man pointing a gun at a store clerk who doesn’t look very scared. She goes on to tell him that she would give him the money but Batman and Catwoman are standing behind him. The robber isn’t buying it and cuts her off as she insists its true by screaming over her “There ain’t no superheroes here.”

Naturally Batman and Catwoman take him down and we see a montage of other fights they take part in. The dialogue shown over this is a conversation between them as Bruce tells her that he feels better. She tries to get him to admit the first time that they met was on the street, something he disagrees with. Bruce tells her that Alfred signaled that he was safe and that he is sending Damian in. Bruce tells her that he wishes they could stay there just the two of them but she points out that people are hurting. That he needs to fight but also needs her, so he should fight for them with her at his side and that she will do the same. They tenderly profess their love for each other and the next scene we have they are on jet skies looking at  a large yacht in the distance.

They sneak aboard and take out the guards one by one before making their way over to Magpie. Selina tells her that they took the venom but that Magpie is lucky they are letting her go, before she notices a necklace around Magpie’s neck.  She goes on to say “Oh, how nice. And let me guess. You have a message for me to give to Bane.” She rips the necklace off and continues “Oh, Honey dont you get it? He’s Batman, I’m Catwoman. We are the message.”

Later on the beach, Bruce explains that the time they met on the street was before the Bat, before he was who is is now. After embracing the Bat, he met her on a boat and explained it as his truth meeting hers. Their true selves, The Bat and the Cat. They agree that instead they met on the beach where they’re at, Selina surprised that they agree quips that Bane is in trouble now.

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I know that recap went a little longer than usual but I loved this issue so much I wanted to capture it the best I could!  The dialogue between Bruce and Selina in this issue is nothing short of perfect! With just six issues left until his departure from the flagship Batman series, Tom King has me really excited for Batman/Catwoman coming out next January. The dynamic between them is at it’s best in this issue, especially with a fragile Bruce being put back together by Selina. When she explains that he needs to fight because people are hurting but that he also needs her I felt that she was finally coming to an understanding with herself on whether or not they could be together. All signs are pointing towards a good future but this is Batman and he is going back to Gotham after all so who knows what could happen next.

Batman #79 Cover by Tony S. Daniel

Batman #79 Cover by Tony S. Daniel

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