Batman #80: The Fight to Take Back Gotham! City of Bane Part 6 Written by Tom King with art by John Romita Jr. is out and it promises so many good things. Spoilers incoming! 

Batman #80 Cover by John Romita Jr.

The issue begins with a man in a trench coat walking through Gotham City before

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he is confronted by two police officers. Ask they ask if him if he knows whose city it is we see that they are in fact the villains Professor Pyg and Two-Face. The man doesn’t respond so the pair try to rough him up but the man jabs them both in the throat and they collapse. When Two-Face again asks if he knows whose city it is he shoots the man twice in the chest. Undeterred the man responds that it’s his and knocks him out revealing his suit underneath had blocked the bullets. It’s Batman.

Meanwhile atop the GCPD the Batsignal is lit and we see a knightmareish version of what we normally do. Hugo Strange is telling The Flashpoint Batman, and Bruce’s father Thomas Wayne, that Pyg and Two-Face hadn’t checked in. Thomas says that Bruce is there and to alert Bane, but Hugo says that Batman was broken and they needn’t worry. 

Elsewhere in Gotham we see the Mad Hatter going about his business and talking to himself as usual. Suddenly a whip grans him by the throat from behind as Catwoman knocks him out. Looks like they are taking them down one by one.

Kite-Man gets a report of multiple attacks on their group and to remain on alert at all times. Just then his leg is snared and he flings backwards slamming into the side of a building. He looks up and asks you’re back? Batman responds with Kite-Man’s catchphrase “Hell Yeah.” 

Thomas Wayne then visits Gotham Girl to try and convince to her not use her powers. The more she does the worse it is for her. He promises that Bane will pay for what he has done to her. 

Batman confronts Hush and the two have a stand off where Batman hit him with a Batarang while Hush’s shots miss wide. The two exchange philosphy quotes before Batman defeats him. 

Bruce and Selina discuss what will happen next and as Bruce explains Bane will call for Thomas to kill Bruce’s son Damian, Robin. Thomas knows Bruce well enough to set up impenetrable defenses around the manor. Knowing that his son can’t stop him Thomas has a decision to make on whether not to obey the order. 

This issue was awesome! Lots of quick action scenes and a nice build up for whats to come. I’m not sure that Thomas is going to kill Damian, he did say he would make Bane pay so we will see what he does next. Can’t wait! 



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