I’m all about the adventures and mysterious lands in anime, but sometimes I just need something to chill out with. When I have a cold, I snuggle with a cup of soup and a cozy show. Here are the six anime that are always my go-to when I want to relax. 

Super Cub

A small part of me wishes I could buy something that would instantly improve my life. But wouldn’t it be nice if it could? Super Cub, named after the Hondo Super Cub, is an anime about a gloomy girl who gets a motorbike. This slow-paced slice-of-life takes special care of every moment and gives a very cozy vibe. It is almost as if I’m riding my own bike down the countryside. With friends beside you and nature all around you, what more could you need?

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At first, our lead character has no friends, family or money. Everything in her life seems to be a struggle, including her morning uphill bike ride. One day, she stops at a motorbike shop on her way home. One bike happens to be on sale, and she buys it. After passing the license test, she starts to take off on her motorbike. It takes a lot of work, but soon this gloomy show transforms into a joyful one.

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Skip and Loafer

Watching Skip and Loafer is like meeting your best friend for the first time again. While the show has plenty of drama, it also has a lot of heartwarming and uplifting moments. Get to know Mitsumi as she starts the school year in a new school in the big city. Watch as she makes friends, learns about the big city and discovers … love? Well, you’ll have to watch to find out.

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The great part about Skip and Loafer is all of the opportunities for drama that are turned into heartwarming or wholesome scenes instead. There are plenty of people who aren’t kind or wholesome, but that doesn’t stop the show from turning things around. What could have been mean girl rivalries or bullying turned into unlikely friendships. Scenes where characters whisper about others quickly become a lesson about appreciating the moment and the people you’re with. It is tough to watch without getting in a good mood.

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Laid-Back Camp

If you’re looking for a comfy anime, chances are you’ve already seen this one recommended a few times. That’s for a good reason, I assure you. This anime follows a group of young women as they camp. Could it be any more chill? The show covers camping and survival basics. We get great shots of adorable animals and nature between friendly character interactions.

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Plenty of humor is also sprinkled between the camping knowledge dumps and nature scenes. By the end of the first episode, you’ll also want to get a squad together to go camping.

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Princess Jellyfish

the two main characters from princess jellyfish

My best friend describes this anime as “Real girls being girls.” I don’t think I could come up with a better description if I spent hours on it because, at its essence, Princess Jellyfish is genuinely that simple. The show revolves around a group of women living together in one home. They all have hyper-fixations, and while they enjoy each other’s company, they try to keep to themselves for the most part. Our main character is obsessed with jellyfish and couldn’t care less for people. But there comes a day when she has to save a jellyfish from a neglectful pet store attendant, and she needs the help of a kind stranger.

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Their unlikely friendship leads to all kinds of hijinks. This show is funny and dramatic, but most of all, it is healing. Watching this as someone who struggled to branch out and meet strangers was cathartic. While it is a silly show, the characters still feel relatable. Be sure to check it out if you’re the type of person that gets engrossed in their hobbies rather than human interactions. It might make you realize your hobbies can be more fun with friends.

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I truly think that almost any episode of Mushi-Shi can be picked up at any time and enjoyed, and that’s beautiful to me. Our main character travels from land to sea. While doing so, he runs into many people, villages and communities that need his unique help. In this world, some organisms aren’t human, animal, plant, fungi or mold. These creatures are called Mushi, and while sometimes harmless, they can cause a lot of chaos.

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This show has more drama than the others but is still an easy watch and preferable if you have a cup of warm tea. It is primarily episodic without many overarching plots to keep track of. The scenery is stunning, and the characters are unique. Give this one a watch next time you find yourself inside on a rainy day.

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Insomniacs After School


Being in high school is a carefree time where you’re free to be yourself and enjoy your youth. Or at least, it is for most people. In Insomniacs After School, we get to know two would-be carefree teenagers who can do anything but enjoy their youth. These two struggle with insomnia and have to find awkward times during the day to sleep because they are hopelessly wide awake all night. At first, the two think they are alone in their struggle.

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Once they find each other, the real fun begins. They start to meet after school and enjoy things you can only appreciate at odd night hours, such as stargazing, going to otherwise crowded places and enjoying strolls down silent streets. As the show progresses, more characters come into the mix. While some drama is added, it is still an overall chill experience, not something that’ll keep you up at night. We wouldn’t want to become insomniacs ourselves, after all. 

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Do you have a particular show you crave when you’re down with a cold? What is your go-to, cozy anime to watch? Let us know in the comments below. If you don’t have a show you’re watching now, check out one of the guaranteed comfy shows above!  

This article was originally published in May 2023. 

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