Colleen Wing knows Kung Fu, as is evident in this relatively violent clip from the upcoming Marvel series from Netflix, Iron Fist. This is the first clip we’ve seen from the series, which premieres on the streaming service March 17th. In the clip, we see Colleen Wing, played by Jessica Henwick, throwing herself into a cage match with two muscle-headed bruisers eager to prove no little girl can take them down.

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 12.50.54 PM

If you know anything about Wing from the comics, then you know she is far from some helpless little girl. She’s more than capable of holding herself with Danny Rand, and he’s one of the best fighters in the Marvel lexicon. These poor thugs very quickly find out that they’ve bitten off more than they can chew as she dodges their punches and elbows out of their holds, sending roundhouse after roundhouse to the face. They may have the muscle, but she has the speed and prowess to kick an army of their asses, let alone two.

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 12.51.32 PM

Our guess — they cut away from all the blood splatter; this is just a clip for the internet, after all. We’ve got the clip embedded below!

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