Like many of you, my eleventh birthday came and went without a magical letter delivered by owl. But that hasn’t stopped me from living my best witch life anyway.

On a recent trip across the pond, I was able to fully immerse myself in the world of witchcraft and wizardry with a delightfully adult twist. Enter: The Cauldron Magical Cocktail Experience.

This hole-in-the-ground bar teaches nightly potions classes for spellcasters who prefer a little gin with their transfiguration. Each two hour lesson provides step-by-step instructions to guide wizards through the art of magical mixology. As a student, you’ll be provided with your own robe, magic wand and mystic ingredients for each potion. Robed potion masters also roam the halls to assist you with your spells, should you need help.

During my experience, I made a Transfiguration Toniq and the Lost Time cocktail. We used essence of lavender, blue butterfly wing serum, dragon’s tears and bladderwort nectar to mix our potions. We channeled our inner witches and let the fire burn and cauldron bubble.

Each drink was uniquely crafted and planned well so as to include magical ingredients and steps. We were also encouraged to drink from the Tree of Life and chose their signature beer and a bright raspberry gin cocktail.

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By the end of our experience we had enjoyed all of the drinks so much, we opted to add on a few extras. If you would like to continue taste-testing potions, you can order additional mixes whipped up by the head potions master. (AKA, the bartender can totally bring you more cocktails if you’d like to keep the party going.) Plus, all of the cocktails and brews are made especially for The Cauldron and you won’t find them anywhere else, so why not?

And while the decor, atmosphere and drinks were all spot-on, the He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named was a little different here. The Cauldron is in no way affiliated with Harry Potter, so don’t go name-dropping like you know the guy. I myself proudly wore my Hufflepuff sweater, and while I was complimented several times on my jumper, I was quickly corrected when I thanked them for also providing me with a Hufflepuff robe (all student robes are black and gold – a great shock to my Slytherin husband).

Regardless of their official stance on the matter, this experience is quite a treat for any Potterhead (of drinking age). Now hop on your broom to London and get ready to brew some delicious potions that would make even Professor Snape blush.