One thing is for sure on Cloak & Dagger. When Tandy (Olivia Holt) and Tyrone (Aubrey Joseph) work together, they are very powerful. I’ve also noticed that things get pretty sticky when they try to do things by themselves. They each of an issue that they are passionate about, but need someone to put things into perspective for them.  And that’s part of the problem. They don’t yet realize that they need each other.  

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Chantelle (Angela M. Davis) walked around the city all night, trying to read what is happening. She stops at random places, spitting out vodka and marking the street with chalk. She makes it home to a very worried Evita (Noëlle Renée Bercy).  Chantelle says Roxxon set the gears in motion, digging up what makes the city special. They are months ahead of destroying the city and they can’t stop it. Only the divine pairing can stop it. She says Tyrone should have met his counterpart by now. Evita needs to ask Tyrone if he has met his divine equal.

Detective O’Reilly (Emma Lahana) sits in Fuchs house after finding his dead body in the refrigerator.  The police conduct the investigation around her. She sees an umbrella with blood on it. The blood is splattered on the carpet and she finds a pipe under the couch.  The pipe is covered in blood. Another cop takes the pipe from her and they make her leave.

Tandy is still very upset about seeing her father’s abuse of her mother.  She burns the only picture she has of the three of them. She takes some of her money out and smashes up some pills.  Tandy goes back to stealing from young rich men, only this time she’s not stealing their money. She found a way to steal their hopes.It gives her a euphoric feeling, like a drug. Mina (Ally Maki) calls, but Tandy ignores her.

Cloak & Dagger

MIles Mussenden as Otis, Gloria Reuben as Adina, and Aubrey Joseph as Tyrone in Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger “Back Breaker”

The Johnsons were called into the police station and informed that Detective Connors (J. D. Evermore) confessed on tape to killing Billy. The officer assures them that they are doing everything they can to get to truth. She says they are going to look into Tyrone’s version of that night.  The Johnsons are skeptical and don’t say much. They leave the station despite Tyrone’s objections. Tyrone says he was right about everything. Billy was exactly who Tyrone said he was, he was a hero. Otis (Miles Mussenden) tells him to get in the car and they will talk later.

Father Delgado (Jaime Zevallos) lectures his students about heroes.  He says heroes are extraordinary individuals who rise to the call to do good in the world. But they will be tested, time and time again.  They will hit a roadblock to be born again, from nothing. A hero’s regression begins trauma. One that is a result of their own actions. That can be an uncovered truth. Or a dream that turns into a nightmare.

Tyrone goes to school in a daze.  Evita tries to talk to him, but he walks past her.  A boy bumps into him in the hallway. Tyrone reacts by punching the kid. At the same time, his mom Adina is distracted at work. She finds a mistake in a press release that has already been distributed. She yells at an employee for the mistake.

Tandy goes to Mina’s place to have lunch.  Ivan (Tim Kang) is home from the hospital and is there to eat with them.  Ivan tries to talk to Tandy about Roxxon and her father, but Tandy gets upset and walks away from him. Mina checks on her and offers her a job at Roxxon. Mina extends her hand to shake Tandy’s. Tandy uses the gesture to see Mina’s hopes. Tandy takes her hope, changing Mina’s cheery demeanor.  She tells Mina, now she knows how it feels and walks away. Mina sees a bee on her counter and kills it.

Cloak & Dagger

Jaime Zavallos as Father Delgado, Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger “Back Breaker”

Father Delgado is disappointed with Tyrone,  asking why he’s there. Delgado has been trying to help Tyrone manage his anger about Billy’s death, but Tyrone keeps acting out.   He makes Tyrone stretch out his arms and hold two heavy books as punishment. Delgado says Tyrone that he’s fighting a war that’s already over. He says Tyrone is trying hard to contain his anger and losing.  

Trauma shocks our hero, bringing back fears and insecurities, but are now amplified.  Our hero can use his own power to destroy his life. After the dust settles, there’s nothing left.  Heroes can’t go back to who they once were. They are forever changed. They can’t hit a reset button and change the traumatic events that have occurred.  

Tandy bails Liam (Carl Lundstedt) out of jail. Liam is surprised to see her. She says it took her a little while to come up with the bail money.  She takes him back to the church where she lives. It’s cold and lonely, but she’s always wanted to get married there. She realizes her life won’t get better because she won’t let it. Tandy says she’s ready for a better life and she wants a life with Liam. Tandy kisses him, transporting herself into Liam’s hope. Liam hopes to marry Tandy.  She stands by and watches the ceremony.

Delgado goes back to his office to check on Tyrone, but Tyrone still doesn’t want to talk.  Delgado tries to tell him that things will get better if he lets go of his anger. Tyrone says he got what he wanted and nothing is better.  Delgado says he has to choose to end the war. Tyrone gets angry saying he doesn’t want to be like Delgado. Tyrone thinks Delgado hides in the church, pretending to talk to God so he doesn’t have to feel anything.

Cloak & Dagger

Aubrey Joseph as Tyrone in Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger “Back Breaker”

Delgado says he came to the church because it’s where he found answers. Tyrone drops the books. He says Delgado doesn’t know him and neither does God because God doesn’t exist. Tyrone tries to leave and Delgado grabs him from behind. Tyrone is transported into Delgado’s fear.  He sees Delgado sitting in a wrecked car, drinking. There are dead children on the ground. Tyrone hears church bells and sees a church door in the trees.

Tandy walks toward Liam and touches his cheek. The ground starts shaking. Tyrone walks into the church. The church stars to collapse around Tandy. Tyrone stops her, asking what she’s doing. They both let go of their visions.  Liam looks at Tandy, sadly. And Delgado tells Tyrone to leave.

We root for the heroes and want to see them do their best.  We want to see them pull themselves out of their downward spiral, but sometimes they are too weak.  When this happens, one of two things occur. The death of our hero or the birth of a villain.

O’reilly it’s in a bar by herself, drinking.  She overhears other officers talking about Fuchs and was a good guy he was.  He was liked by everyone, even the public. Connors walks into the bar. O’Reilly is shocked and angry to see him. He toasts Fuchs, saying it’s a tragedy that he got involved with the wrong people.  O’Reilly hits him over the head with a baton. They fight and Connors gets the best of her. He says she couldn’t keep him behind bars. The video was inadmissible as evidence.

Cloak & Dagger

Olivia Holt as Tandy in Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger “Back Breaker”

Evita finds Tyrone at school and tries to get him to talk to her about what he’s going through. Tyrone doesn’t think she can help but he confides in her anyway. Tandy interrupts them, yelling at Tyrone to stay out of her head. Evita steps between them to stop her.  Tandy starts to get angry as Evita puts her hand on her shoulder, transporting them into Evita’s hopes.

In the vision, Tandy goes to touch Evita to take her hope away. Evita turns towards and pushes Tandy away to stop her. Tandy is confused by how Evita was able to stop her. The encounter scares Evita and she runs away. Tyrone asks what she’s doing now. Tandy refuses to tell him about her new power. She tells Tyrone to stay out of her head.

Tyrone doesn’t want to be in her head, he’s got problems of his own. Tandy doesn’t think Tyrone’s problems are as bad as her own.  Tandy says if they don’t hurt others, they will get hurt. He doesn’t see it that way. She says he needs to grow up. He basically says she’s crazy. And they leave things unsettled.

Delgado’s lecture isn’t about the heroes, but about the people they save.  Heroes make mistakes because people do. And they have regrets for the same reason. Myth is a mirror that shows people who they truly are.  We don’t have the ability to see ourselves for who we are, so we have to see it through other’s eyes. And we many not like what we see. As heroes rise and fall, the question is, will people, not heroes ascend and be greater?

Tandy and Tyrone both walk down the streets of New Orleans. Tandy catches her reflection in a store window. Tyrone sees his in a puddle in the street. They both take a long look at themselves.  Tandy returns to the church, but Liam is gone…so is her money.

Scarborough (Wayne Pére) sends Mina out to one of Roxxon’s valves. The valve is overheating.  When she gets there, there are two men looking at the valve. The pipe explodes, spaying the men with the substance from the well.  Mina asks if they are okay and they look at her menacingly. She screams and they start chasing her.

Cloak & Dagger

Emma Lahana as Detective O’Reilly in Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger “Back Breaker”

O’Reilly goes to her car to clean up after her fight with Connors. She hears a city wide call for backup.  Dispatch says they identified Fuchs’ killer.

Tyrone and Adina (Gloria Reuben) have a heart to heart about Billy’s murder. Tyrone wants to fight back and that scares Adina.  She points out that if Connors did kill Billy, then that means someone helped him cover it up. She wonders what they will do to Tyrone if he continues to avenge Billy’s death. Tyrone thinks he has to stand up for a better world. He says no matter how perfect he is, they will still come for him.  He wants to stand for the world the way it should be. Otherwise, Billy died for nothing.

Adina says the police don’t care if he’s alive or dead, but she does.  She asks him to let go of his anger, regret and fear, but Tyrone doesn’t know who he is without those things. Adina says he’s brave, intelligent and has will power. She says he’s more like Billy than he knows.

They hear a car pull up to the house and see police lights.  The police say they are arresting Tyrone for the murder of Officer Fuchs. Adina tells Tyrone to run.

Tandy goes to talk to her mom about their family.   Melissa (Andrea Roth) comes out of the back room with the assassin who killed Gary.  The assassin shoots at Tandy, saying Scarborough sends his regards. Tandy runs and hides.  The assassin says she will kill Melissa if Tandy doesn’t give herself up. Tandy gets her daggers ready as the assassin counts down to 1.

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That was the most intense and exciting hour of the show. And in a way, explains how the writers wanted to tell Cloak & Dagger’s story. I really appreciate Father Delgado’s lecture about heroes.  Honestly, it makes me want to see so much more! I’m going to rewatch the whole series now. Maybe they should have started with that lecture…

Like most superhero origin stories, we knew they were going to come to a point where the world comes crashing down on them.  And the only way they can overcome their struggles is to work together. That’s what I’m most excited about. Seeing them work together and using their abilities for good.  

I feel like Tandy has a lot more to overcome because she wasn’t worried about taking people’s hopes. She needs to care about people the way that Tyrone does. As for Tyrone, he took on a major opponent in Connors. He tried to take down Connors the right way and it backfired.  I think Tyrone can learn a lot from Tandy about cutting corners.

I guess we’ll see. The season one finale is next week.  I have a feeling it’s going to be really good!


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